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Statesboro Jobs At A Glance

Statesboro At A Glance

Statesboro is the largest city of Bulloch, County Georgia. According to the 2010 census, the population was 28,422. In 1803, the city of Statesboro began as a small trading community that provided essentials to the surrounding plantations. The leaders of the town worked together to form education opportunities and eventually developed the First District A&M School when then began Georgia Southern University. At the turn of the 20th century, stores and banks began to develop and Statesboro became known in the region for selling Sea Island Cotton. Today the economy still depends on education and manufacturing. Finding work in Statesboro means learning more about the local economy, including job prospects and average salaries.

Job Market in Statesboro

Job Market in Statesboro

The economic forecast for Statesboro appears promising, as unemployment rates in the Savannah area continue to decrease. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment rates have decreased from 6.1% to 4.9%. This is lower than the national average unemployment rate of 5.2%. Laborers and freight, stock, and material movers make up the largest group of employees in the area. The second largest group includes retail salespersons, followed by waiters and cashiers. The top performing industries are professional and business services, manufacturing, and trade, transportation and utilities. The professional and business services industry alone has increased by 11.7% from November 2014 to November 2015. The average weekly salary for an employee in the area is $808, compared to the national average weekly salary of $1,048.

Resume Tips For Statesboro Jobseekers

Resume Tips For Statesboro  Jobseekers

When it comes to finding jobs in Statesboro, your resume can make an excellent first impression. Be sure your resume stands out from the others by following the tips below.
1. Don’t exceed two pages. Unless you are an academic or doctor using curricula vitae (CVs), there is no need to write more than two pages. Keep you resume writing consise and relevant.
2. Do use bullets for listing items and align the text flush left. These formatting standards will immediately improve the readability of your writing.
3. Don’t use generic language. Avoid the overly used phrases such as “hard working” and “detail oriented,” as these will detract from your authentic tone.
4. Do introduce your work history section with a “Summary of Skills” that can offer your reader an overview of your professional qualifications.
5. Do list your work history in the following suggested order: title of position, employer, city and state of employer, and employment dates.

How to Find Jobs in Statesboro

How to Find Jobs in Statesboro

Finding jobs in Statesboro means having the right mindset and putting to use a certain set of job seeking skills. The following tips should help keep you on track during the job hunt.
1. Stay focused. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with your temporary unemployment, but staying focused on the task ahead can help you view your predicament as an opportunity to find the career you want.
2. Connect with others. Joining a support group is a great way of meeting other people in the same situation. These groups can offer advice and tools for navigating unemployment.
3. Set goals for yourself. Breaking the process down into manageable steps can help maximize your productivity. For example, you might try sending out a certain number of resumes per week.
4. Keep up with your network. Don’t hesitate to reach out to personal or professional contacts that could lend advice about the job market. You never know where your next lead could come from.
5. Make use of social media. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great tools for expanding your network, and also help potential employers access your professional profile.