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Royal Oak Jobs At A Glance

Royal Oak At A Glance

As a bustling suburb of the city of Detroit, Royal Oak, Michigan, contains a lot of potential for its 57,236 residents. Royal Oak represents the 8th largest municipality in Oakland County and has experienced a trend of growth and flourishing since the early 2000s. Vibrant with shopping districts, healthcare centers, and industry spaces, Royal Oak brims with economic possibility and holds many potential opportunities for job seekers. For more on the facts and figures of jobs in Royal Oaks, including a glimpse of average wages and top occupations, take a look below.

Job Market in Royal Oaks

Job Market in Royal Oaks

The area of Oakland County and other surrounding areas of Detroit, including Royal Oak, have experienced a period of economic resurgence. The unemployment rate dropped from 6.4% to 5.1% in Oakland County over the years 2014-2015, while the national average is 5.3%. Jobs in the professional and business services make up the most popular industry and have risen 3.3% from 2014-2015, while jobs in trade, transportation, and utilities come next. Education and health services jobs rank as third largest employment category, and manufacturing fourth. Those who work in the leisure and hospitality field rank fifth. The most common employment opportunities are in the areas of retail, team assembly, and office clerical work. While the national average weekly wage is $1,048, the same statistic for Oakland County is $1,147.

Resume Tips For Royal Oak Jobseekers

Resume Tips For Royal Oak  Jobseekers

In the eyes of potential employers who have only a few seconds to glance over a stack of applications, you are your resume. Considering that this may be your most important ally, no matter where you are in your career path, keep it well polished and constantly updated.
1. If applicable, create several different resumes according to your various skillsets. When applying for a job, submit the one that most closely matches their needs.
2. Determine your best selling points and list those first. It might be education, if you have little work experience, or achievements, if you have won impressive awards.
3. In the education section, make sure to list your most recent degree first. Don’t forget to include your degree name, college name, city/state, and major/minor.
4. Resume readers like numbers. Try to put as much information into hard data as is appropriate, such as your sales achievements or your client satisfaction rate.
5. Throughout your resume, make direct statements with as few words as possible. Use action verbs, rather than passive. Organize your thoughts with bullet points for clarity.

How to Find Jobs in Royal Oak

How to Find Jobs in Royal Oak

If nailing jobs in Royal Oak is high on your priority list, you can keep the following advice in mind on your job search. Ensuring that you are at the top of your game can help you strategize and land the perfect job.
1. The new economy reflects a need to network more than ever before. On screen and in-person networking are both valuable for making connections. Because of the internet, employee’s opportunities to make a good impression on the right people have expanded immensely.
2. Reach out to hiring managers directly with a resume and short cover letter with a heartfelt introduction. While this bold move might have once been a no-no, it is now completely acceptable, and recommended.
3. Remember that with every conversation you have, you are one step closer to putting your finger on the perfect job. Even in hard economic times, organizations hire good communicators who live up to their professional potential.
4. Twitter might just grow to be your best marketing agent. You can either use the social networking site to job search, or tweet your resume to future employers.
5. Do your research. Find out all you can about companies in your area that you want to work for, and sign up for their newsletters and any relevant trade or industry publications to be kept abreast of job openings.