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A great way to start your professional journey working in libraries is by working as a library page. Library pages have the advantage of being able to start in their field before earning even a bachelor’s degree, while simultaneously being surrounded by a wealth of knowledge and information resources.

To help you land this job, our team of certified resume writers crafted our library page resume example to show what hiring managers look for. Like all of our resume examples, you can use it as a guide for effectively highlighting your skills and experience in a way that will help you stand out from the competition.


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What is a Library Page?

A library page’s role is an entry-level position and a great way to get initial hands-on experience with a library’s operations. Their primary responsibilities are guiding patrons to their desired resources or section, pulling books from shelves, and sorting and reshelving books. Pages ensure books remain in good condition by regularly organizing and inspecting them, removing any that might require repair, cleaning or disposal.

Library pages should have solid basic spelling and grammar skills, be able to quickly sort large numbers within the Dewey Decimal system, and have a sharp memory to thoroughly remember shelving locations, floor layouts, and anything else that relates to their work assisting patrons.

What Makes This a Great
Library Page Resume Example?

Even for entry-level roles, every applicant needs a resume that convincingly demonstrates their qualifications. Our library page resume example can help you craft a resume that instantly grabs employers’ attention and boosts your chances of getting hired.

Here’s how our resume examples can bolster your resume writing:

  • Role-relevant content: Any job seeker’s resume should pitch them as a highly qualified expert in their field. This example uses job-relevant terms like “shelving” and “instructional technology” to demonstrate the candidate’s familiarity with what the role entails. Take inspiration from our resume examples or use our Resume Builder’s pre-written content for extra writing assistance.
  • Using the best format: Your level of work experience typically determines which resume format best presents your qualifications. The example above uses a combination format, which is usually considered the best option for candidates with a medium amount of experience. Our builder makes it easy to make a functional or chronological resume, too.
  • Displays suitable template choice: To present themselves as the ideal candidate, job seekers should select a resume template that best reflects their potential employer. Library pages typically work in straight-laced or academic environments, so one of our Traditional or Modern templates may serve them best. Whichever style works best, our builder offers a wide selection of diverse templates.

3 Library Page Professional Summary Examples

Think of your professional summary like a book cover. It should grab an employer’s attention and offer a compelling preview of what they’ll find if they continue reading. Use our resume examples as an inspiration for your own summary, or customize our Resume Builder’s pre-written text for more help.

Here are three more example summaries to consider:

  1. Dedicated library page with five years of work experience in public libraries. Possess in-depth knowledge of the Dewey Decimal system and other modern digital records classification systems. A strong penchant for reading, coupled with solid people skills, helps me effectively assist patrons. Diligently perform my duties and always report punctually for work.
  2. Enthusiastic library page with over two years of experience in law libraries. Expertise in shelf-reading, shelving, and referencing legal records. Appreciated by patrons for understanding basics of legal terminology. Strong team member with excellent communication and computer-use skills.
  3. Entry-level library page with strong organizational and interpersonal skills. Volunteered in school libraries to become well-versed with the basics of managing circulation, shelving and more. Maintain a professional and friendly demeanor with patrons. Driven to accomplish every responsibility assigned by the library authorities.

3 Library Page Work Experience Examples

A well-written work experience section uses measurable accomplishments when describing the past work responsibilities that qualify you for a job. Craft an impressive work experience section by customizing our Resume Builder’s pre-written content, or simply borrowing it as-is.

Here are three work experience examples our builder might suggest for a library page:

  1. Shelve a minimum 200 library resources daily.
  2. Trained three junior library pages in proper sorting and shelving procedure.
  3. Assisted patrons, shelved books and retrieved holds across three floors of the Bern Dibner Library in Brooklyn, NY.

Top Skills for Your Library Page Resume

Mentioning correct, specific skills is necessary for writing the strongest possible resume for any role. Our Resume Builder can generate a comprehensive list of job-relevant skills based on the basic information you provide.

Below are some hard and soft skills our builder might suggest from a library page’s resume:

Hard Skills

  • Alphabetizing and shelf reading
  • Computer literacy
  • Recordkeeping and documentation
  • Physical endurance and strength

Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Customer service
  • Strong memory
  • Excellent listening skills

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Library Page FAQs

What are the qualifications required to become a library page?

To become a library page, you may need a high school diploma or be close to earning one. Generally, no previous work experience is required for getting a library page’s job as it is an entry-level position. However, volunteer or internship experience, especially in a library, will surely raise your chances of being hired.

What are the benefits of becoming a library page?

This job gives you an insight into the library ecosystem and provides a solid foundation to build your career in this field. If you want to become a librarian, being a library page first is a great start. As a library page, you can sharpen your organization, communication, and documentation skills. Many library pages work part-time, which gives them the flexibility to pursue their education or even work additional jobs.

How can candidates with no experience improve their chances of getting a library page job?

A library page’s job involves interacting with patrons, shelving books and sometimes physical exertion. So, employers prefer candidates with an engaging personality, good communication and organizational skills, and a minimum amount of physical strength. Candidates should mention any relevant internship or volunteer experience. If one does not have any work experience, they must at least ensure their resume is error-free and professional-sounding.