Corporate Recruiter Resume Examples

Corporate recruiters are the backbones of their company’s hiring team. They fulfill the same duties as a typical recruiter, but focus on finding candidates for their corporate employer. They’re experts in delivering top-tier talent to their company’s hiring managers.

This position requires attentiveness, impartiality and a strong understanding of the requirements for every open position that’s to be filled. In 2019, there were 666,500 of these kinds of HR specialists working in the U.S., and that number is only expected to grow. Learn how our corporate recruiter resume example, written by certified resume writers, was crafted to teach you to build a resume for this role.


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What Is a Corporate Recruiter?

The primary job of a corporate recruiter is to fill vacant positions in their organization. They often begin this process by searching for qualified candidates on job boards or networking sites. Some corporate recruiters specialize in only recruiting candidates within a particular field. They may attend job fairs, industry conventions or events on college campuses when sourcing candidates.

Corporate recruiters play a key role in developing their employer’s approach to hiring, how they’ll use applicant tracking systems and more. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, HR specialists made a median annual salary of $61,920 in 2019.

What Makes This a Great
Corporate Recruiter Resume Example?

To land the role of a corporate recruiter, you’ll first need to draft a resume impressive enough to catch the attention of a fellow hiring expert. Our corporate recruiter resume example was created by professional resume writers to show you exactly how to meet this high standard.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages our resume examples offer.

  • Expert-level writing: Our corporate recruiter resume example offers industry-specific content to demonstrate the particular requirements for this role. Our resume experts made sure to include job-relevant phrases like “selection strategies” and “confidential background checks” in the above example. For extra suggestions, use our Resume Builder’s pre-written content, also written by our certified resume writers.
  • Help selecting the best resume format: Picking the resume format that suits your experience level is a must for every job seeker. This example uses the combination format to evenly showcase the candidate’s experience and skills. More experienced candidates may want to choose a chronological format, which puts the most emphasis on work history.
  • 3. Shows the best resume templates: Our Resume Builder offers a wide selection of resume templates, with options for any kind of role. Depending on the types of corporate employers to which you apply, choose templates with designs that match their overall tone and office culture. This helps demonstrate, even if only subtly, that you’re the best fit for their company.

3 Corporate Recruiter Professional Summaries Examples

Your resume’s professional summary should briefly highlight your most relevant skills and qualifications to make a solid first impression on hiring managers. Use our resume examples as inspiration when writing your own, or use our Resume Builder’s pre-written content for more guided help.

Here are three examples of professional summaries you might see on a corporate recruiter’s resume:

  1. Dedicated corporate recruiter with over five years of experience recruiting, interviewing and hiring candidates. Proven ability to source industry-leading candidates at two top tech companies. Implemented new applicant screening systems that reduced hiring time and recruitment budget by 21% and 28%, respectively.
  2. Corporate recruiter with a decade of experience developing interview strategies and employee orientation programs. Skilled in recruitment via social media and networking communities. Excellent negotiation and conflict-resolution abilities.
  3. Motivated HR professional with 14 years of experience as a corporate recruiter. Helped three organizations fully utilize applicant tracking systems to better filter and recruit high-level talent. Energetic individual with comprehensive knowledge of human resource best practices and industry-standard policies.

3 Corporate Recruiter Work Experience Section Examples

Your work experience section should illustrate not only your past job responsibilities, but how you used your skills to deliver measurable, positive results. Our Resume Builder can help you construct this vital portion of your resume, for which you can use our pre-written content as-is or customize it with your own quantified achievements.

Have a look at three work experience examples our builder could offer you:

  1. Screened, hired and mentored 5 junior recruiters that led to successfully recruiting 110 new candidates over two and half years.
  2. Spearheaded use of social media to drive recruitment by 39%, reducing candidate sourcing time across the entire HR department.
  3. Conducted market research to analyze new recruiting methods; led to restructuring of HR department’s recruiting practices and nearly halved company turnover rate.


Top Skills for Your Corporate Recruiter Resume

Recruiters use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to hunt for specific skills of every candidate’s resume. Our resume examples and Resume Builder help candidates add these industry-relevant keywords to their resumes before applying, which can drastically increase their odds of being offered an interview.

Below are a handful of hard and soft skills hiring managers might look for on a corporate recruiter’s resume.

Hard Skills

  • Talent acquisition strategy
  • KPI interpretation
  • Social media recruitment
  • Email automation


Soft Skills

  • Written and verbal communication
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Collaboration

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Corporate Recruiter FAQs

How can I catch a recruiter’s attention with my corporate recruiter resume?

Recruiters use applicant tracking software to filter resumes during recruitment. To pass these tools’ initial screening, make sure your resume includes keywords relevant to the job, preferably pulled directly from the job description. Choose a resume format that best highlights your skills and qualifications, and use a template with a design that meshes well with the employer’s branding or company culture.

What are the personality traits of a corporate recruiter?

First and foremost, corporate recruiters must have excellent people skills. Communication, empathy and decisiveness are essential to sourcing, interviewing and hiring the best candidates possible for any role. Corporate recruiters must also have the skills necessary to navigate any software standard to HR departments in their field.

Should I mention awards and accomplishments on my resume?

As with any role, but with corporate recruiters especially, awards and accomplishments play a key part in helping candidates stand apart from other applicants. Out of every job seeker applying for a corporate recruiter role, many will have similar education or work experience. In these cases, awards and accomplishments add additional qualifications to your resume that demonstrate how you can uniquely offer extra benefits that other candidates can’t.