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In a world where companies of all sizes have online platforms that include one or more websites, platforms and apps, UX designers are in increasingly high demand. Experts estimate that each dollar invested in design can make for profits up to $100. Due to a UX designer’s unique role, it is imperative to have a resume that represents the ideal balance of hard and soft skills needed to perform the job. Our easy-to-follow resume examples can take the stress out of making a professional and appealing document.


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What is an UX Designer?

UX designers focus on the end user’s overall experience. They often help unify the many websites and apps across a company’s products into a cohesive and friendly experience for humans. They must possess technical knowledge as well as the ability to maintain a creative vision. When designing an update or application, the UX designer thinks about how it will impact the user and how best to implement it to serve the user. Data shows that companies that value UX design outperform those that do not by more than double on the stock market.

What Makes This a Great
UX Designer Resume Example?

UX designers fulfill a unique and important role, and it is important for a resume to present the job seeker in a way that is appealing and honest. Using a resume example is a great starting point and can help ensure that your resume follows best practices.

Our UX designer resume examples can help you:

  • Learn from professionally-written content: The ideal language for a resume is direct and focused on quantifiable achievements. In the UX designer resume example above, phrases like, “Managed cohesive design quality across 80 projects” are great illustrations of how to accomplish this. Study our examples to see how our certified resume writers craft content and incorporate metrics. Or, use our builder for pre-written content suggestions that you can plug into every section of your resume.
  • Deciding on the right format: You can format a resume in three different ways to emphasize experience, skills or both. For UX designers in particular, it is important to choose an effective resume format, whether that is an experience-centric chronological resume like the above example, a skills-focused functional format or a combination of the two.
  • Providing a template: It can be difficult to know where to start with a resume’s layout. A UX designer should demonstrate exceptional design sense while still maintaining a practical look, like in the example above. Using the same or similar resume templates as our UX designer examples can be a good starting point, and you can customize them further with our resume builder.

3 UX Designer Professional Summary Examples

For UX designers, the professional summary is a great opportunity to showcase their goals and experience. However, it may be difficult to know where to start, which is why LiveCareer’s resume builder provides customizable professional summaries like these examples:

  1. Proactive UX designer versed in user experience development techniques for software and solutions ranging from web to native apps. Honed talent for creating UX frameworks for diverse end users at all skill levels. Experience with project management and development of a product from conception to launch.
  2. Innovative, solution-driven UX designer with experience at all levels of development. Highly organized and laser-focused on customer satisfaction. Proven skill with applying HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP to UX design. Passionate about efficient, user-friendly experiences on all platforms.
  3. Enthusiastic UX designer with a passion for uniting companies and their customers via an exceptional user experience. Offer knowledge gained from working on applications for web, desktop and mobile. Team leadership ability based on helping developers realize their potential while collaborating to deliver a unified UX vision.

3 UX Designer Work Experience Examples

UX designers perform diverse functions within their role, from team management to code review. This can make it a difficult job to describe in a resume’s work experience section. Our builder can help by providing pre-written content that you can tailor for every past job you’ve held.

Here are some examples of descriptions our builder may recommend:

  1. Improved end-user experience through continuous qualitative and quantitative analysis of four different products.
  2. Wrote daily feedback reports for updates via manual testing on UX elements.
  3. Oversaw the implementation of backend updates that maximized system performance and enhanced the experience for end users; helped increase user retention by 17%.

Top Skills for Your UX Designer Resume

Choosing the right talents for your resume’s skills section is a difficult task, especially since UX designers must possess both hard and soft skills. Our builder can help take the uncertainty out of the process by recommending proficiencies and keywords that follow industry trends.

You may use skills such as these on a UX designer resume:

Hard Skills

  • Team-building
  • Written and oral communication
  • Customer Service
  • Organization

Soft Skills

  • QA automation
  • Iterative development
  • UX diagnostic management

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UX Designer FAQs

How do you make a UX portfolio?

A UX portfolio is a great way to share one’s personality with potential employers and clients. It is a place to showcase unique projects and achievements. For each project you include, describe not just the work itself but also what problems it solved and how it did so. Presenting projects in this way can demonstrate determination and other qualities that may not be as clear on your resume.

How do you define UX design?

User experience design encompasses all stages of product creation from conception to development to delivery. It is concerned with making an end user’s experience relevant and meaningful. It is especially useful for projects that are complex because it helps all the stages of creating a product fit together into a cohesive vision.

Do UX designers need to code?

Design is an integral part of business in the modern age, and UX designers may not need to code in their roles. However, it can be very helpful when working with a team to know about software development because it can help the designer understand the limitations and practicality of suggested updates. Having coding skills can also help UX designers hoping to transition careers as those skills may increase their attractiveness in the job market.