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By 2028 the creative direction industry is predicted to have expanded by 900 positions. As the future of media shifts further from print to digital, the industry will need more technologically minded creative directors to oversee designs across a variety of platforms. This means aspiring creative directors should have a portfolio filled with modifiable and user-friendly digital designs for a wide variety of platforms. Our creative director resume examples can demonstrate how to reflect that portfolio and its related qualifications on a single page to the land the role you seek.


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What is a Creative Director?

Creative directors are typically responsible for conceptualizing and delegating the creation of artwork and maintaining visual and multimedia styles used in print, broadcast, television and digital advertising. They oversee teams of graphic designers, copywriters and advertisers, ensuring that the creative direction for the project is consistently upheld. The job requires advanced knowledge of visual communication, advertising and design, along with superior communication skills. While over 59% of certain types of creative directors consider themselves self-employed, they must remain in constant collaboration with their team of artists, writers and designers.

What Makes This a Great
Creative Director Resume Example?

LiveCareer helps applicants across a variety of industries find the perfect position for their unique experiences and qualifications. Our collection of professionally written resumes can serve as inspiration for anyone seeking a career in art or creative direction, helping  to determine what qualities you should include on the page when applying. Here’s how our creative director resume examples can help you find your dream job:

  • Professionally-written content: Our resume examples, crafted by expert resume writers, contain the keywords and phrases recruiters look for in an applicant. Study them for inspiration as you learn to craft a resume, or use our Resume Builder, which provides pre-written content suggestions for each section of your resume.
  • Resume format ideas: When deciding which resume format is right for you, always consider your experience level. The job seeker in this resume example wisely used a chronological format to highlight their many years of senior-level experience in the field. If you’re an entry-level applicant, a functional format is your best bet, while mid-career professionals often choose a combination format to showcase both skills and work experience.
  • Picking the right template: We offer a variety of resume template styles, which allows you to find the right design for any position. Creative directors should demonstrate both their organization and their artistic vision in their resume, which a strong template can accomplish. This example uses bold formatting and pops of orange to striking effect. Applicants for roles at more conservative companies should consider a more traditional resume template.

3 Creative Director Professional Summary Examples

When crafting your resume with LiveCareer, you can either draw inspiration from the professional summaries in our creative director resume examples or use our resume builder to write your own statement. Here are three examples of professional summaries our builder may recommend for your creative director resume:

  1. Creative director with over 7 years of experience managing creative campaigns from the brainstorming phase to completion, collaborating with a team of artists and designers. Familiar with design principles across a variety of media platforms. Grew client base by 22% by landing several accounts for a combined $8.7M in annual revenue.
  2. Imaginative and motivated creative director with a proven record of implementing top-notch and successful artistic campaigns. Eager to work with clients in bringing their visions to life. Managed all aspects over multiple campaigns from development to final client presentation and approval.
  3. Creative director with 15+ years of experience overseeing a team of artists and designers, developing campaigns and working with clients to ensure brand consistency and success. Contributed to over 75 successful campaigns across multiple media platforms. Flexible user of rising technologies with the ability to adapt artistic designs for any platform.

3 Creative Director Work Experience Examples

LiveCareer offers you two great ways to customize your creative director resume. You can use our professional resume examples as inspiration as you craft your own document or use our  resume builder to customize your position-specific resume with our pre-written content. The builder can recommend creative director responsibilities like these to use directly or personalize with metrics:

  1. Developed artistic style guides for dozens of projects across multiple mediums, including print, broadcast, TV and digital.
  2. Oversaw a team of more than 25 artists, copywriters and designers.
  3. Presented finalized designs to clients and responded on the spot to their critiques and suggestions; increased size of clientele list by 40%.

Top Skills for Your Creative Director Resume

Our resume examples and resume builder make it easy to choose the perfect skills to include on your creative director resume. With our inexhaustible list of industry-specific keywords, get suggestions for the relevant skills that hiring managers and recruiters are seeking.

Here are compelling skills to consider adding to your creative director resume:

Hard Skills

  • Adobe Photoshop 
  • Budget development 
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Digital marketing

Soft Skills

  • Problem-solving 
  • Time management 
  • Artistic vision
  • Team building

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Creative Director FAQs

What are the responsibilities of a creative director?

Creative directors are responsible for envisioning, creating and maintaining the styles found in print and broadcast productions, product packaging and more. They implement the initial design and oversee a team of designers and copywriters to develop the artwork and layouts of the final image or design. They also ensure brand consistency and recognition across a myriad of different media platforms.

What makes a good creative director?

Good creative directors are able to not only visualize ideas, but also communicate their vision to a team of selected artists and designers to bring that vision to life. Effective creative directors know how to work as part of a team and understand that the best ideas arise from collaboration. As their position is client-facing, creative directors should present themselves confidently, while being able to eloquently describe the reasoning behind their artistic choices.

What are the duties of a creative director?

Creative directors typically have the following duties:

  • Working with a creative team to determine how to convey concepts or products
  • Developing the overall style for a brand’s publication or campaign across media platforms
  • Presenting final designs to clients and working with them to further hone the concept
  • Gaining approval on the design from the client and working within a detailed budget and timeline to implement the concept fully