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In a world of rapid technological advancements and changing business needs, organizations seek the expertise of a solutions architect to transform business operations and processes digitally. Every business needs the expertise of a solutions architect to balance business needs with distinct requirements of technology solutions. Therefore, growth for all computer occupations during 2018-2028 is expected to be strong. Use our solutions architect resume example to learn how to best highlight your job-specific skills and experience to land the job you want.


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What is a Solutions Architect ?

Solutions architects design software solutions according to a business’s needs, and charts a map of the entire software development cycle. They are responsible for conducting research on existing software solutions, collecting project requirements, and coordinating with the technical and design teams. A solutions architect is the direct contact for clients to understand the project vision and communicate solutions. Key responsibilities typically include choosing the appropriate technology and implementing any updated specifications and requirements into the systems architecture. System solutions for supply chains, product life cycle and customer relations require a solutions architect’s expertise.

What Makes This a Great
Solutions Architect Resume Example?

Our solutions architect resume example is crafted by our team of certified resume writers to show you how to create a document that will attract the attention of a hiring manager. Here are three ways using our resume examples can help you get noticed:

  • Professionally-written content: This solutions architect resume example uses critical keywords that hiring managers look for, such as “system design,” “process analysis,” and “cloud services.” It balanced these technical skills with content that focuses on the candidate’s soft skills, like communication. Study them to learn how to write compelling content, or use our Resume Builder, which offers pre-written content suggestions for every section of your resume.
  • Choosing the right format: Identifying the right resume format is vital for showcasing all your skills and experience. The solutions architect resume example above uses a combination format, which is perfect for a mid-career professional since it gives equal focus to the candidate’s skills and experience. Entry-level or highly-experienced applicants should consider a functional or chronological resume format, respectively.
  • Appropriate resume template selection: Since solutions architect roles exist in creative and conservative fields, job seekers should choose the design of their resume based on the culture of the company to which they are applying. The resume example above uses a colorful resume template that would be perfect for a position in a casual environment, such as a tech company. For more traditional resume templates, see our library of designs.

3 Solutions Architect Professional Summary Examples

The professional summary is the first section a recruiter will see when reviewing your resume. For this reason, it’s critical to learn to write a concise description of your skills, work experience and achievements.

Here are three examples of professional summaries to consider for your solutions architect resume:

  1. AWS-certified solutions architect with more than 12 years of experience in the design and development life cycle. Strong leadership skills and innovative thinking combine to meet long-term strategic goals for the organizations. Delivered several projects for integration, sales and business user experience.
  2. Certified junior solutions architect with more than four years of experience in both the public and private sectors seeks role as solutions architect. Stellar computing, Enterprise Management Software, blade configuration and administration skills. Adept in multitasking, team collaboration, and client communication.
  3. Highly-skilled and innovative solutions architect with over 10 years of experience. Proficient in software and systems development, process analysis, creative problem-solving, and efficient communication skills. Proven record of ensuring successful liaison between technology support and business need, and resolving complex application solutions.

3 Solutions Architect Work Experience Examples

Our resume examples show you how to put your work experience in the best light. Our certified resume writers combine job responsibilities and metrics to show you how to highlight the impact your work has had on past employers. For more guidance in writing this critical section, use our builder which will suggest pre-written bullet points for you to use as-is or modify to meet your needs. .

Here are three work experience bullet points our builder might recommend for your solutions architect resume:  

  • Designed and built Azure-based development environment involving automation integration and provided subscriptions to deploy services.
  • Saved $60,000 per year through requirements gathering, designing, and implementing a customized solution for agricultural data collection and reporting.
  • Delivered testing and software commissioning projects that were part of a $20 million digital-transformation program.

Top Skills for Your Solutions Architect Resume

Including the right skills on your resume is critical to getting noticed by hiring managers. Peruse the list of hard and soft skills below, or use our builder, which will make job-specific skills recommendations for your solutions architect resume.

Hard Skills

  • Infrastructure and engineering design
  • Database management
  • Cloud development
  • Web application


Soft Skills

  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • High attention to detail
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Strong organizational and leadership skills

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Solutions Architect FAQs

What educational qualifications and training are required for a solutions architect?

Most employers expect applicants to have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering or information technology. Solutions architects usually have five to ten years of experience associated with information technology or network administration. Employers also seek applicants who have acquired certifications in systems and enterprise architecture from companies like Cisco and Microsoft. These certifications will prove your expertise and help you stand a cut above other job applicants.

What are the working conditions of a solutions architect?

The role often requires visiting client sites to check hardware and software functionality and to discuss solutions that will help businesses achieve their vision and goals. Also, solutions architects are often required to work on tight and strict deadlines.

How is a solutions architect different from a technical architect?

A technical architect supervises technological engineering and works directly with the development team to ensure streamlined application implementation. On the other hand, the solutions architect identifies the business needs, creates the software architecture plan, and ensures risk assessment management. The technical architect collaborates with the solutions architect to understand the business objectives and communicate the design to the development team. The technical architect’s focus on the engineering aspect makes the role different from that of a solutions architect.