Restaurant Assistant Manager Resume Examples

Restaurants require qualified managers to ensure seamless operations and excellent customer service. Restaurant assistant managers are an invaluable part of the restaurant team to ensure smooth day-to-day operations. BLS data shows that there were 352,600 food service managers employed in 2019.

The food services industry is a dynamic space where you can successfully apply for a restaurant assistant manager’s role using our resume examples. Our restaurant assistant manager resume example was crafted by a certified resume writer to show you exactly how to highlight your skills and expertise to grab a recruiter’s attention.


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What is a Restaurant Assistant Manager?

Restaurant assistant managers work under the restaurant manager’s supervision to run a variety of eating establishments. They handle a variety of responsibilities, including interacting with customers, resolving complaints and grievances, developing vendor relationships, invoicing, maintaining inventory, balancing the account books, and preparing regular cost reports.

They also participate in training the non-kitchen staff, like hosts and servers. Restaurant assistant managers continuously take customer feedback and work to improve service and build a loyal clientele.

What Makes This a Great
Restaurant Assistant Manager Resume Example?

To be shortlisted, your resume must contain what recruiters look for in restaurant assistant managers. Our team of dedicated resume writers knows what recruiters look for in leading candidates for this role. Study our restaurant assistant manager resume example as you learn to write your own.

Here are some benefits of using our resume examples:

  • Professionally-written resume content: Our certified professional resume writers understand the current trends in the restaurant industry.  This resume example has been crafted to show you the right keywords and job-specific resume phrases to use in your document to make a positive impression. For more help, use our Resume Builder, which will make pre-written content suggestions for every section of your resume.
  • Shows a suitable format: You should choose a resume format according to your level of experience. Our builder allows you to create three different formats: chronological, combination and functional. The resume example above has used a combination format, emphasizing the candidate’s skills and experience equally, which is perfect for a mid-career professional.
  • Industry-appropriate templates: Choose your resume design to match the establishment to which you are applying. For more casual kitchens, a colorful, creative resume template like the one above works well. However, for a more conservative environment, such as a fine dining establishment, applicants should choose a more traditional resume format.

3 Restaurant Assistant Manager Professional Summary Examples

The professional summary is the first section that recruiters read. It should be meticulously crafted with the most relevant details. Our restaurant assistant manager resume, above, shows you what a strong yet concise professional summary should contain.

Here are three additional examples to consider:

  1. Restaurant assistant manager with seven years of experience. Skilled in building high-performance, customer-centric work culture with strong knowledge of back-of-the-house operations. Expertise in accounting and staff recruitment, and possess proficiency in modern restaurant management software, like Upserve.
  2. Dedicated restaurant assistant manager with over five years of experience working in fine dining restaurants. Strong communicator with the ability to swiftly resolve customer grievances. Effective team leader with a can-do attitude and a positive work attitude.
  3. Versatile restaurant manager with three years of experience. Committed to delivering a rich dining experience for customers. NRFSP-certified and skilled in maintaining food quality standards. Skilled at efficiently managing customer-facing activities in high-volume restaurants. Strong staff scheduling and reservation management skills.

3 Restaurant Assistant Manager Work Experience Examples

Your work experience should be more than just a list of responsibilities. It should show potential employers the impact your work had on the success of your previous employers. Study our restaurant assistant manager resume example to learn how to include not only your past work responsibilities but data and metrics that show off your achievements.

Here are three additional work experience section examples to consider:

  1. Experienced pinch-hit server with the ability to handle up to 10 tables while maintaining management duties.
  2. Supervised a team of 22 waitstaff and 10 busboys.
  3. Scrutinized and processed vendor-account payments of approximately $90,000 monthly.

Top Skills for Your Restaurant Assistant Manager Resume

Many top dining establishments and large chains use applicant tracking software (ATS) to identify job seekers that have applicable skills and experience. Our restaurant assistant manager resume example incorporates the hard and soft skills hiring managers look for in top candidates.

Here are some additional hard and soft skills to consider for your restaurant assistant manager resume:

Hard Skills

  • Point-of-sale system knowledge
  • Food quality standards
  • LightSpeed Restaurant, Intuit QuickBooks
  • Personnel management

Soft Skills

  • Leadership
  • Conflict-resolution
  • Effective communication
  • Active listening

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Restaurant Assistant Manager FAQs

What are the educational requirements to become a restaurant assistant manager?

Restaurant assistant managers typically do not require postsecondary education. Candidates with a high school diploma or an equivalent certification are eligible for this job. However, they must have prior supervisory experience in a restaurant or similar environment. Certain restaurants might also require candidates to have a bachelor’s degree in management or a cooking-related field.

What makes a successful restaurant assistant manager?

Restaurant assistant managers interact with customers, staff, vendors, as well as upper management. They should have brilliant communication, negotiation, and team management skills. Being a customer-facing service business, problems may arise frequently. Thus, they should have the skill of assessing the situation and quickly solving problems while keeping the customer happy and the business intact. Further, great restaurant assistant managers know how to delegate tasks to achieve maximum efficiency.

How can an entry-level restaurant assistant manager write their resume?

Most candidates for this role will have relevant work experience in this industry as a line cook, supervisor, or other capacities. The key is to know about the food service industry. Having experience in a different role is considered a good experience while applying to this role for the first time. Entry-level candidates can strengthen their resume by highlighting relevant skills and mentioning instances where they acted in a supervisory role or helped customers. Candidates with no experience in the industry can take a certification course related to the food industry and correlate how their skill set matches the role’s requirements to boost their job prospects.