Fast Food Manager Resume Examples

Fast food managers supervise the staff of fast food eating establishments to ensure excellent customer service, high quality of food, and fast service. They are responsible for running the fast food joint smoothly and efficiently.

As of 2019, there were 352,600 food service managers employed in the U.S. To launch your job search for this role, use our fast food manager resume example. Drafted by certified resume writers, these examples can teach you how to write a compelling resume that highlights your most significant skills and abilities.


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What is a Fast Food Manager?

Fast food managers work in various food establishments that cater to customers who need a quick fix to satisfy their hunger. Fast food managers are responsible for the overall operations of the establishment and also have to ensure profitability. They are involved in managing and recruiting junior staff, conducting training programs, coordinating with suppliers, and inventory management.

Fast food managers may need to work in shifts, weekends, and even federal holidays to ensure a managerial presence in the establishment. The median annual wage for food service managers in 2019 was $55,320.

What Makes This a Great
Fast Food Manager Resume Example?

The secret to creating a robust resume is to know what recruiters look for in a fast food manager’s resume and then highlight those details. Our team of certified resume writers crafts our resume examples with these requirements in mind. Study our fast food manager example to learn all the elements of a strong document.

Below are some advantages of using our example:

  • Strong content: Recruiters look for a resume that demonstrates the right skills relevant for the role. Our fast food manager resume example provides industry-specific content to show you how to articulate your credentials. Alternatively, you can use our Resume Builder, which offers pre-written content for every section of your resume.
  • Effective resume format: Choosing the right resume format is critical to highlight your most impressive credentials. Your level of experience should dictate which you choose. In this example, the job seeker has a lengthy relevant work history, so they used a chronological resume to highlight her accomplishments over the years. Entry-level and mid-level candidates should consider using a functional or combination format, respectively.
  • Appropriate resume templates: The fast food manager resume example used above has a distinct design, with a pop of color for emphasis. Since the food industry is a creative field, a colorful design is appropriate to use. For other roles, our builder offers a variety of resume templates.

3 Fast Food Manager Professional Summary Examples

Your professional summary is the first section of your resume that recruiters read. It must articulate your skills and experience in a brief but compelling manner. Writing a strong professional summary is the best way to get shortlisted for a job interview and our fast food manager resume example, written by a certified resume writer, shows you how.

Here are three additional professional summary examples to consider for a fast food manager resume:

  1. Fast food manager with over 12 years of experience managing and supervising a team of 24 workers. Strong interviewing and scheduling skills. Commitment to complying with health and fire regulations and hygiene standards. Adept at ordering and purchasing supplies, keeping business records, and managing inventory.
  2. Detail-oriented fast food manager with five years of experience. Skilled in training new recruits on all aspects of daily operations. Proficiency in following procedures for safe food preparation and presentation while also ensuring that all employees adhere to organizational and federal policies. ServSafe certification.
  3. Self-driven fast food manager with eight years of experience working in two popular fast food establishments. Responsible for achieving revenue goals, adhering to set budget, hiring employees, stocking supplies, scheduling shifts, and evaluating performance. Compassionate management style with strong communication skills.

3 Fast Food Manager Work Experience Examples

Your work experience plays a major role in showing hiring managers the concrete ways you contributed to a previous employer’s success. Study our fast food manager resume example to learn how to weave quantifiable skills and achievements into descriptions of your past roles

Below are three work experience section examples for a fast food manager’s role:

  1. Increased customer base by 40% by incorporating distinct marketing strategies and implementing excellent customer service.
  2. Supervised the operations of four McDonald’s locations involving more than 200 staff and boosted the profits of all four locations by 12% in three months.
  3. Trained and mentored 15 new employees per quarter in 2019, resulting in 45% improvement in the department’s overall productivity.

Top Skills for Your Fast Food Manager Resume

Many fast food chains use applicant tracking software (ATS) to identify the most qualified applicants. Our fast food manager resume example uses the hard and soft skills hiring managers look for in top candidates. Study it as your write your own resume.

Here are some additional skills to consider:

Hard Skills

  • Point-of-sale software
  • Employee training
  • Budgeting and cost control 
  • Handling cash transactions

Soft Skills

  • Customer service
  • Conflict resolution
  • Effective communication 
  • Leadership skills

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Fast Food Manager FAQs

How to become a fast food manager?

There is no required education to become a fast food manager. When hiring for this role, employers usually seek individuals with three to five years of relevant experience. Hence, experience in a similar role. If you have a degree in food management, food service management, hospitality or other related fields mention it, as it could give you an edge. Certificate programs in food preparation, cost control, and menu development are also advantageous and should be listed on your resume.

What are some personality traits of a successful fast food manager?

Apart from the requisite experience and training, fast food managers should have certain characteristics to be successful in their role. Strong communication, innovative thinking, and being a strong problem-solver, are all desirable traits for a fast food manager.

What are the important duties of a fast food manager?

Fast food managers have to promote excellent customer service and handle customer complaints effectively. They have to ensure the restaurant’s total operational efficiency by recruiting new staff, providing them with training, organizing team meetings, and preparing shift rosters. Aside from maintaining high food quality, they also have to maintain hygiene and safety standards while also managing the restaurant’s promotional activities.