Hairstylist Resume Examples

Now is a great time to style hair. In fact, experts predict faster-than-average job growth for the profession in the next decade. To help you take advantage of this projection, use our hairstylist resume examples which show you how to cut your resume down to the essentials and which skills and experience to highlight. Our examples also show you how to format and design a resume that will get you noticed.


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What Is a Hairstylist?

Hairstylists style, cut, color and shampoo hair, in addition to offering various hair services for clients. They use tools such as flat and curling irons, hair brushes and scissors. Depending on their skill level, stylists may rent a booth from a salon owner or either manage or open their own shop. To protect them from experiencing skin irritation from some of the chemicals used, hairstylists often wear gloves, aprons and other protective clothing.

What Makes This a Great
Hairstylist Resume Example?

Studying this hairstylist resume example can help you understand the critical elements of resume writing. Use it as a guide to write a resume that will help you land the hairstylist job you want. Here’s how they can help:

  • Professionally-written resume text: Your resume’s work history, summary and skills sections must sing in order to get noticed. Our resume examples demonstrate the type of writing recruiters look for in a resume. If writing isn’t your strong suit, use our Resume Builder, which will recommend pre-written resume text, crafted by our team of certified resume writers. Use it as-is or customize the content to meet your needs.
  • Appropriate resume formats: Let your experience and skills dictate the format of your resume. In this example, the job seeker has a lengthy work history as a hairstylist, so she uses a chronological resume to highlight her accomplishments over the years.
  • Template: LiveCareer’s resume templates enhance your document design to truly wow employers. This job seeker uses a clean, sophisticated template with just a single pop of color to convey her professionalism. Including whitespace makes each section easier for the reader’s eyes to digest as well.

3 Hairstylist Professional Summaries Examples

You’re welcome to use our resume examples as a starting point for drafting your own hairstylist professional summary. Or, if you prefer, utilize our Resume Builder to compose your summary section. Following are three samples that our Resume Builder could offer for your hairstylist document:

  1. Dedicated stylist with five years of experience and a focus on styling African American hair. Knowledgeable about locs, box braids and twists. Familiar with addressing various hair conditions, such as traction alopecia and hair breakage.
  2. Friendly hairstylist with 10 years of experience in beauty salons and spas. Skilled in rejuvenating hair and finding the perfect style for various clients. Skilled in dying hair and blending colors.
  3. Freshly graduated stylist with an extensive background in customer service. Committed to putting clients at ease and teaching them how to take care of their hair outside of the salon. Interested in learning how to maintain a loyal client base.

3 Hairstylist Work Experience Section Examples

Write your hairstylist work experience section with help from our resume examples, or look to the pre-written content on our Resume Builder for each job title. Decide whether you want to utilize our content as it’s written or tweak it to your specific needs, which may include adding metrics that further demonstrate your stylist capabilities. Explore these examples:

  1. Recommended hair and skincare products to strengthen and fortify clients’ hair between visits.
  2. Completed ongoing training to remain knowledgeable of the latest styles, products, tools and equipment.
  3. Kept booth swept, tools sanitized and products organized after every shift.


Top Skills for Your Hairstylist Resume

Our builder takes the guesswork out of selecting the hairstylist skills that recruiters are after, making it easy to target what employers want. Here are hard and soft skills you might include on your hairstylist resume:

Hard Skills

  • Tool cleaning and disinfecting
  • Hair and scalp analysis
  • Changing hair texture using chemicals
  • Trimming and treating facial hair

Soft Skills

  • Customer service
  • Active listening
  • Manual dexterity
  • Arm-hand steadiness

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Hairstylist FAQs

How do you describe a hairstylist on a resume?

Focus your resume on your experience with common (and uncommon) hair and beauty services such as styling, coloring, shampooing and cutting. If you have a background in specific hair textures or types, note that, too. Besides your hair styling skills, point out your customer service, advertising/marketing and administrative abilities, which are typically valued in the industry.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a hairstylist?

Hairstylists cut, trim and shape hair, and they may wash and condition hair, too. Their jobs often require them to get a sense of a client’s personal style and lifestyle to determine the right hairstyle option. Stylists also clean and disinfect tools to prevent infections, and they may handle payments and schedule appointments.

How can I improve my hairdressing skills?

After earning your hairstylist license, consider taking advanced courses to keep track of the latest trends. To recommend and use the best products for your clients, educate yourself on specific brands for specific hair, scalp and skin needs and conditions. You may also want to look into completing personal appearance service courses.