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Along with hairdressers, cosmetologists and others, salon managers are critical to keeping beauty salons running smoothly. These individuals oversee daily operations, work to achieve revenue targets and drive overall business growth. It is a versatile job that calls for a diverse skill set and the meeting of specific requirements.

Our team of expert resume writers understand these important nuances, and they’ve written the salon manager resume example below to detail which skills and qualifications you’ll need to get your foot in the door. Read on to learn more about how LiveCareer can help you write the resume that will get you hired.


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What Is a Salon Manager?

Salon managers are highly engaging professionals who run beauty salons. They oversee daily operations like scheduling appointments, handling staff, managing customer relationships, staff recruitment, marketing, payroll, inventory and finance. They’re responsible for managing the entire salon floor, and some may work according to policies set by higher management .

One of their most essential responsibilities is to maintain and expand the clientele of a salon. The most common degree earned by salon managers is an associate degree, but the majority of salon managers also have previous experience working as hairdressers or cosmetologists and possess strong administration and interpersonal skills.

What Makes This a Great
Salon Manager Resume Example?

The example above demonstrates how to draft a resume that showcases your qualifications to be a salon manager. A team of certified resume writers crafts each of our resume examples so job seekers can learn how to successfully write their own. Here’s how our examples can aid your writing process:

  • Content that suits each role: Using industry-relevant terms can get you noticed by recruiters sooner. Each of our expertly written resume examples includes job-specific content, as does the pre-written, customizable content available via our Resume Builder. Both might suggest key phrases like “licensed cosmetologist” or “proficient in Zendesk.”
  • Helps find your optimal resume format: Strategically choosing your resume format can greatly increase your chances of landing an interview. The above resume example uses a combination format, which is the wisest choice for mid-level job seekers who want to equally emphasize their skills and work history. Applicants with more years of experience or very little experience are better suited by chronological and functional formats, respectively.
  • Shows how to pick an appropriate template:Our Resume Builder offers a wide variety of templates when drafting a resume for any role. Salon managers in particular are associated with their more vibrant and artistic industry, so using one of our more colorful or chic resume templates could be a wise choice.


3 Salon Manager Professional Summaries Examples

Salon managers should highlight their most impressive skills and qualifications in their professional summary. Recruiters want this section to wow them right away, and our resume examples can show you how to accomplish that. Here are three examples of professional summaries you might consider while writing your resume:

  1. Accomplished salon manager with 11 years of experience in luxury salons. Dedicated to personalized customer engagement and keeping staff up-to-date on the latest beauty trends. Enforce strict hygiene and sanitation procedures, succeed in maintaining a loyal customer base and retaining top talent. Possess effective organizational, marketing and interpersonal skills.
  2. Detail-oriented salon manager experienced in hiring and managing top-tier staff across a family of four salons. Possess effective leadership capabilities coupled with strong communication skills. Highly proficient in budgeting and managing cash flow.
  3. Salon manager with five years of experience in high-end, multi-store beauty salon chains. Licensed cosmetologist and certified salon management executive. Proven track record of strengthening sales by building and marketing innovative beauty packages. Strong communication and time management skills; focused on ensuring top-notch service.

3 Salon Manager Work Experience Section Examples

This section should provide recruiters with the most relevant highlights of your work achievements. When writing this section yourself, refer to our resume examples or use our Resume Builder, both of which provide pre-written content that can be used as-is or customized according to your requirements.

Here are three examples to consider when writing the work experience section of your own resume:

  1. Conducted monthly training workshops for salon personnel to keep them familiar with the latest techniques and trends.
  2. Managed 45 team members across four salon locations.
  3. Maintained thorough records of client preferences and sent customized offers; increased sales by 15%.


Top Skills for Your Salon Manager Resume

Salon manager positions require versatile individuals with strong, wide-ranging skill sets involving business management, cosmetology and more. Our examples and Resume Builder can suggest plenty of these hard and soft skills that recruiters seek in salon managers. Here are some skills you might consider including on your own resume:

Hard Skills

  • Cosmetology
  • Client retention
  • Talent recruitment
  • Budgeting

Soft Skills

  • Leadership
  • Patience
  • Communication
  • Time management

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Salon Manager FAQs

Do salon managers require a license?

Salon managers undertake administrative work of a salon, and the majority of the states do not require them to be licensed. Some states like Minnesota have a policy for salon managers to obtain licensure. However, most employers require salon managers to have experience in the field, and the majority of salon managers have previous experience as  licensed cosmetologists.

What are the responsibilities of a salon manager?

Some key responsibilities of salon managers include handling customers and solving their problems, managing finances, supervising staff, and keeping the salon clean and hygienic. They should have strong budgeting and inventory management skills, and have a knack for subtly promoting products to customers. Organizational skills are a must-have for all salon managers, too.

Are technology skills necessary for salon managers?

Technology fills a prominent role in every industry, and having relevant technological skills has become an implied requirement for most jobs. Salon managers may be skilled in handling CRM software for scheduling appointments invoicing, sending marketing coupons and more. They should be adept at using tools like Excel for data analysis, maintaining inventory and tracking revenue.