How Playing Team Sports Can Improve Your Job Search

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As you get ready to launch your job search and submit your resume to potential employers, you’ll need to keep your head in the game, stay confident, and get ready for a long run, not a short sprint. If you’re a fan of team sports, then the attitude and experience you bring to the field can also help you find success on the job market. Here are a few lessons that can bring success in both endeavors.

1. It’s Not Really About You

Even though your talents may be exceptional, pointing that out will only take you so far. How can your skills and your potential translate into concrete actions that will help the target company reach its goals? Make sure you keep your case focused on what you have to offer to the larger enterprise, not just on what you have and what you want. 

2. Resilience Is Everything

Getting knocked down isn’t just a normal aspect of a successful job search and a thriving career—it’s essential. If you’ve never been knocked down, it means you haven’t taken any risks or pushed yourself beyond your comfort zone. 

Getting hit to the ground can help you better understand the nature of the game, and it can help you adapt and anticipate future challenges. Disappointments, rejection, and setbacks will only make you stronger—as long as you get back on your feet and move on to the next opportunity.  

3. A Game Is a Game

The more easily you take victories and setbacks in stride, the more likely you are to stay on your feet. Remember: no one employer holds the key to your future. Every job is temporary. And no challenge is insurmountable if you keep things in perspective and hold onto your sense of humor.

4. There’s Always Room for Improvement

You may be perfect for the job, but as you draft and edit your resume , remember that there are plenty of other candidates who are equally qualified. What do you have to offer that they don’t? How can you grow, take courses in your own, expand your certifications, or gain volunteer experience that can give an additional edge? 

5. Sometimes You Support the Team & Sometimes They Support You

Know when it’s time to pass the ball. Or tag out while you catch your breath. A team isn’t just there to be led—they’re there to step in when you stumble and when you need a break. If you have a support network around you (which you do, whether you realize it or not), turn to them when you need a helping hand, a pep talk, or some smart advice. The job search can be grueling and long when you try to tackle it alone. Let others provide feedback on your resume, and enlist their help with interview practice.

Start with the resources at LiveCareer . We’re in your corner, and we’re standing by to help you create a brilliant resume that highlights your talents and shows potential employers how you can help them take control of the field and win the game. 

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