The Importance of Resume Updates

Resume _updates

The sluggish economy has left many people looking for new ways to move up thecareer ladder to make ends meet. As a result, the job market has become increasingly competitive and more people are losing out on opportunities due to flawed applications.  A fresh, updated resume is critical to catching the attention of a hiring manager.  While somewhat old-fashioned in the age of social networking job sites and references through Twitter, the resume is still a centerpiece of any job-hunting strategy.  It should be constructed carefully and updated regularly.  Here are a few areas to focus on when updating your resume.

Resume Contact Information

Often overlooked, it’s important to make sure that the contact information at the top of the resume is correct. Often times email addresses from jobs or schools will change over time and more often than not, people will forget to update their contact information.

Resume Experience

Hiring managers are most interested in your recent job experience , so it’s perfectly acceptable, advisable even, to remove older information and keep your resume fresh.  Depending on your career path, you can also list your work experience based on its relevance to the position you’re seeking.  When applying for jobs in a specific field, list related experience near the top of the resume to catch an employer’s attention.  Including new internships, workshops or volunteer experience shows hiring managers that you’re serious about furthering yourself on a particular career path.

Resume Keywords

Experts stress that keywords are crucial to helping a resume stand out among a high volume of applicants.  Keywords should emphasize skills and assets that may be valuable to a company.  Updating your skill set based on knowledge of new versions of critical software for example, can trigger interest by recruiters that might miss your resume altogether if the proper keyword isn’t included.

LiveCareer Resume Builder

Keeping your resume fresh and up to date is a mission-critical task in your life as a professional.  Log on to our free Resume Builder today and get started.  You can save your resume and come back as often as you’d like to update it.

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