What Are Resume Keywords?

What Are Resume Keywords?

Every position requires certain duties and skills. Those common and specific qualifications a job post asks that you have can be referred to as job keywords. Generally speaking, these are a range of educational achievements, technical credentials, certificates, and work experiences. If you do not have these keywords listed on your resume, your application for work at a company may never even be considered. That's why learning how to use resume keywords is absolutely essential to getting noticed as a candidate.


Why Are Resume Keywords So Important? 

Such keywords are vital to making sure your resume pops up when a company uses recruitment software to search countless resumes for keywords relevant to a certain position. A lot of companies utilize software, resume database searches, and job board searches to find applicants with the qualifications that relate to a specific job. If you do not have these within your resume, your resume will not be seen by that employer. 

How Do You Know What Keywords to Use in Your Resume?

You have to do some research here. Check out about 10 job postings for the type of job you want, and take notes on common educational requirements, necessary skills and certificates, and other needed qualifications. This will provide you with a list of words you should have included in your resume. It also ensures your resume is targeted towards a specific job or industry. By tailoring your resume's language to the language of job postings, you show that you are a good fit for that job. If you work in the management consultant industry, for example, keywords such as “people management” and “team leadership” will enable your resume to come up in searches. 

What Are Some Good Strategies for Using Keywords in Your Resume?

You must make sure that your resume reads smoothly. Stuffing it with keywords will be a turn off once employers actually read it. Weave these resume keywords into your education section, skills section, and work section in a way that is natural. Use action verbs as a way to bring more life to the qualifications as well. One good hint is to use variables of the same word. For example, if you have a CPA, be sure to also write that you are a Certified Public Accountant. If you have a Commercial Driver's License, also write that you are CDL licensed. This guarantees more searches include your resume. 

Do not embellish your qualifications and do not lie about anything just so you have keywords that pair up with a job advertisement's duties and requirements. Include what only applies to you, even if you lack certain things, and the rest will fall into place. 

Placing keywords on your resume in an effective and logical way ensures your application gets past any software screening or database searches. Using a professional service to help you with strategic placement of keywords, like LiveCareer's Resume Builder , will enable your resume and its qualifications to catch the eyes of hiring managers.

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