Ask a Hiring Manager: The Qualities of a Brilliant Online Resume

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This week, LiveCareer reached out to the hiring managers in our network and asked them to list some of the qualities they find most appealing in an online resume .  Here are some of the answers they shared with us.

Megan, Finance

“I like online resumes that use the format to provide graphs and hard data that support the candidate’s claims. If he uses his formal resume to make the case for why he should be hired, the online resume should provide more detail about these claims and about his track record (long-term sales numbers, etc.).”

Aaron, Tech

“I like an online resume that shows me how comfortable the candidate is with technology. If you can skillfully engage the most recent and relevant platforms and provide concrete evidence of the coding, development, or big data skills your employer needs, then show it. Even better, make the features of your online resume accessible using mobile devices.” 

Amir, Childcare

“Your online resume allows you to showcase your creative side, so if you have a sense of humor or the courage to break the rules a little, this is the time and place. Open up and experiment with different ways to present your information. To be honest, as a jaded hiring manger, I like almost anything I haven’t seen before.”

Ruben, Hospitality

“My favorite resumes, both online and off, are the ones that make me feel like I know this person. Choose just the right details, so you can say a lot without going on forever or subjecting your readers to dense blocks of text. But within that framework, let your personality show. Don’t be a robot.”

Jaime, Tech

“I love online resumes that let me know the candidate has social skills and problem-solving skills, not just tech skills. Include a clip from a successful speech you’ve given or a video of yourself working and interacting with others and you’re in.”

Ellen, Food Service

“I just love candidates who use online resumes of any kind. Most of the time, our servers, bartenders, and line cooks just hand us a resume with minimal detail and expect to get the job because they have a college degree. But here’s some news: if you think you’re too good, too smart, or too special to work here, that’s an automatic strike against you. Be a team player, be fun, and take the application process seriously. Show respect by going the extra mile.” 

Walt, Structural Engineering

“Online resumes provide a platform that you can use to beautifully present and describe your previous projects. So make the most of it! Upload diagrams and photos that show your best work in its best light. Dazzle us the same way we try to dazzle our clients.” 

Jessica, Retail

“The best tip I can give regarding online resumes is simple: make them easy to find. I don’t have the time or patience to search for a link that I can find, or work around a link that’s broken. If in doubt, make sure your primary formal resume is strong enough to stand on its own.”

Managers Love Strong Resumes

Once you can make it past the first round, you can talk more about your skills and credentials during your interview. But to get in the door, you’ll need a smart, engaging resume. Visit LiveCareer for an award-winning Resume Builder that can help you get started. 

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