Five Reasons to Get Help from a Professional Resume Writer

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On the surface, a resume is a simple, one-page document with a clearly defined format that working professionals use on a daily basis. Creating an effective resume doesn’t seem like a monumental task on par with, say, creating a Nobel Prize winning novel or drafting a five hundred page congressional budget. Even if you don’t write like William Faulkner, how hard can it be to put together a resume that can get your foot in the door? Why enlist the help of a—possibly expensive—professional resume writer when a little effort and attention to detail should do the trick?

As it turns out, professional resume writers are often worth far more the then the amount they charge for a simple resume review. Here’s why:

1. Resume writers have highly specialized skills. They’ve seen and handled hundreds of resumes with varying levels of success. Over time, this experience allows them to recognize small details in language, semantics, and grammar that you may not even notice, including suggestions and implications that can have a powerful impact on the feelings and decision of a hiring manager.

2. Resume writers have an eagle eye for embarrassing typos. Again, there are certain tricks of the trade, which allow professional writers to hone in on typographical mistakes. These abilities are enhanced after years of experience. 

3. Resume know the job market better than anyone. You may stay on the job market for less than a week (ideally), but resume writers live on the job market, all day, every day. Because of this, they’re in touch with every passing job search trend and they know what hiring managers are looking for right now across a wide range of fields.

4. Resume writers have the benefit of personal distance. If you have a credential that you’re especially proud of, but it just doesn’t bear much relevance to the job you’re pursuing, you may have difficulty performing a brutal select-and-delete. But resume writers aren’t held back by this problem. They’ll do what it takes to help you land the job, even if it means killing your darlings. 

5. It all comes down to money. While a resume writers may charge anywhere from a flat 30-dollar fee to a flat 500-dollar fee to 75 dollars per hour for a resume review, this cost should be weighed against the money you’ll gain by landing a 50,000 dollar position…or lose by sitting on the job market earning nothing for the next six months. Factor in the rent and student loan bills you’ll be paying during this time and the savings become even more dramatic.   

Meanwhile, Get Help On Your Own

If you’re ready to team up with a pro, visit LiveCareer and talk to a resume-writing expert. The site also offers a sophisticated resume builder, which will help you format your resume and fill it with expert-written resume examples. No matter what you choose, you’ll come out with a professional resume.

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