Why You Need an Online Resume


An online resume is an Internet version of your traditional resume accessed byclicking on a URL. So instead of emailing your resume to a potential employer, you can send them the link or include the link under your email signature for easy access.

Benefits of an Online Resume

  1. Increases your accessibility.  An online resume is convenient for hiring managers because it eliminates the need for tedious downloads and the opening or saving of the file, which opens the door to potential viruses. The online resume simply requires one click, is safe to open and can be accessed from anywhere, on any computer.  So you’ll always be prepared to share your resume with a potential employer (consider including the URL on your networking or business cards).
  2. You control how much to share (or not to share).  For privacy reasons, your online resume shouldn’t include your contact information. Instead, it should have a prominent Contact link so that interested recruiters or hiring managers can send you an email.  To give you even greater control, password-protect your online resume.
  3. Update and make changes instantly.  No need to worry about your printed resume being out of date or a typo you just noticed.  Fix it online and everyone will see the updated version instantly.
  4. Looks perfect every time.  Resumes tend to look different if you open them as a PDF, WORD or RTF file.  If you send your resume via a link, the issue of program compatibility vanishes. It will look perfect every time.  No need to worry about page breaks or your information getting truncated.
  5. Highlights your marketability:  Today’s job market is becoming increasingly technology-oriented.  In most fields, technical know-how is not only admirable, it’s necessary.  Whether you’re a recent graduate trying to market yourself as tech-savvy or a more seasoned candidate aiming to prove you haven’t gotten lost in this new era, using an online resume will give you a competitive advantage.
  6. Provides an interactive first impression:  Online resumes provide a holistic view of your skills and experience because you can link them to past projects you’ve worked on, published articles, your professional blog, LinkedIn profile and more. Traditional resumes require that an employer use email or telephone to get in contact with you, but online resumes provide an opportunity for them to get to know you before taking that step.  
  7. Gets exposure through your network:  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 70% of all jobs are found through networking, making it one of the most effective and reliable ways to find employment.  This is mainly because most open positions go unannounced publicly and are filled through references from current employees.  Posting your online resume on your social media profile allows you to access your entire personal network and take advantage of networking opportunities as they arise.

This isn’t a recommendation to ditch your printed resume altogether.  The hiring process is a two-way street and if a hiring manager states a preference for a paper resume, you should oblige.  Don’t treat your future baby-boomer boss like a dinosaur.  If you expect to flourish in the professional world, you’ll need to learn to communicate with people over fifty and negotiate with them on their own terms.  It’s also advisable to keep an email version of your resume current and ready to go.

LiveCareer’s Resume Builder

Create an online resume in minutes!  Resume Builder gives you a personalized URL of your resume so that you can share it with anyone.

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