Six Reasons Why You Need a Strong Resume Right Now

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Even if you have a stable job right now, and even if you love your job as much as you love any other aspect of your life, you still need a resume. And your resume should be tight, polished, updated with the latest chapter of your work history, and available with a single click. You shouldn’t have to go hunting through old file folders to find and reformat a resume created decades ago in an outdated version of Word. Why not? Well, here are the first few scenarios that came to mind. If any of these happened to you today, would you be ready?

1. You meet an important person in your industry. Someone who you’ve admired from a distance for many years and never thought you would actually encounter in person. Somehow, in your 30-second conversation, you manage to impress this person, or so it seems, with your wit, charm, and in-depth knowledge of your shared field. And just before saying bye, he asks you to send your resume to his office. You know he’ll forget all about this conversation by lunchtime, so you have until noon to draft a quick message and attach your resume file. Can you do this?

2. You’re fired. When you walked into the office this morning, you had a stable job. Now it’s 10:00 and you’re standing on the sidewalk in front of the building. You can live on your savings for one month, but then what?

3. You’re laid off. You’re called into the office of your company’s HR manager who has some sad news. Your department has suffered some budget cutbacks recently, and unfortunately, your position is being cancelled. You have two more weeks to put your affairs in order and start looking for work, but by the 12th of the month, you’ll have no job. Good thing your resume is ready to go. Now you just have to start searching for open positions.

4. Your spouse is being transferred to another office five states away, effective immediately. You can stay here and try to manage a long distance relationship, including the maintenance of two households with all the related expenses. Or you can start searching for positions in the new state, reaching out to your network, and submitting resumes right now. Fortunately, your resume is already updated and complete. 

5. Your office is going through…changes. Your manager quits unexpectedly, and the director of your department stops by your cubicle to tell you the position will be publically posted by the end of the week. If you’re interested in an unexpected promotion, you’d better submit your resume immediately.

6. Something unexpected happens. You find out that your employer, who you’ve trusted and respected for years, has been involved in an ongoing scam that’s totally unethical and very likely illegal. Even if the people responsible aren’t charged with a crime, you don’t want to contribute to this enterprise for even one more day. To protect your own integrity and your reputation, you start packing up your things. Where will you go and what will you do instead? You may not know, but whatever lies ahead, your resume is already polished and ready to submit.

Be Ready for Anything

With a great resume in your toolkit, you’ll be able to handle any unexpected bumps you encounter on the winding road of a successful career. Visit LiveCareer and use the site’s award-winning resume builder to keep your professional growth on track. 

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