Good Resumes A Big Part Of Job Hunt Success

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During any recession, there’s bound to be some things that are still in demand – for example, good resumes, not to mention good resume coaches. 

This week, Salt Lake City’s ABC4 TV station spoke with Chelsea Gardner of First Impression Resumes, who has been working in her field for about five years. 

A lot of individuals are looking for jobs, everybody’s hurting, Gardner told the TV station, going on to say that her work has shown her that “there are fantastic employees out there that just don’t know how to market themselves.” 

Gardner also noted that in her experience, resumes do not land an actual job, but they are a vital way for would-be employees to land interviews – which is why her services can be particularly important to job hunters. 

One tip Gardner offers is the importance of a well-rounded resume, since employers are not as interested in job-specific resumes as they once were. Job hunters are also advised to focus on things that make them stand out the most from the rest of the applicant pool and to be able to demonstrate how their skills make them well suited to exceed a job’s basic requirements. 

Many resume writers tend to be self employed, or they work for small companies specializing in such services. If you are interested in trying your own luck with a resume writing career, a good place to learn more is the National Resume Writer’s Association.

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