How to Customize Your Resume for Each Job Application

How to Customize Your Resume for Each Job Application

Rather than making your job applications generic, you’re far better off customizing your resume and cover letter for each job you’re applying for. Here are 3 key questions to keep in mind that can help you personalize your resume for every job application, so you can boost your chances of landing the interview and getting the job.

1. How Much Experience Does The Job Require?

When a job requires no experience at all, it is not necessary to overload the resume with all of the experience you’ve acquired throughout your entire lifetime. In fact, it's better if the applicant uses the resume as a chance to highlight other great qualities about themselves. Items such as community service, scholarly achievements and a full education history will go much farther than a long work history when a job requires little to no experience. Conversely, a job that requires a massive amount of experience should be met with a resume that has an extensive work history to give the manager the information they are looking for.

2. What Field Is The Job In?

There is a big difference between a position in customer service and a position in loss prevention. While a job in customer service requires someone who enjoys working with people, a job in loss prevention requires someone who has been in charge before and is detail oriented.

When applying for jobs that require people skills, applicants should highlight those communication abilities on their resume. Community service and previous customer service jobs will aid a resume for a customer-oriented job. However, achievements in math and leadership will help you more in a job that is geared towards management or loss prevention.

For every job, the applicant should consider what skills the job requires and highlight those skills on their resume rather than trying to put their entire life story on paper.

3. What Is The Company All About?

A simple internet search can tell any applicant what the company they are applying to is all about. There are companies with Christian values who may want to hear about community service at a church. There are companies that work with the military, and they may want to hear about military or ROTC service of the applicant.

Regardless of what the job is in, the applicant should use their resume as a chance to relate to greater goals and image of the company.

When preparing a resume to attach to a job application, every applicant should think very hard about what experience the job requires, what field the job is in and what the company is all about. These three factors help to make the beginnings of a great resume. Adding in LiveCareer's Resume Builder and Resume Check will allow the applicant to produce the perfect resume. With some assistance from LiveCareer, every applicant can make the resume that will land them interviews left and right, and, ultimately, the job they want.

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