How to Write a Bus Driver Resume

How to Write a Bus Driver Resume

Looking to get a job as a bus driver? You’ll need some experience, certifications, and a good resume. Writing the resume can be challenging. Fortunately, with some guidance on information to include and how to format your document, this task can be made much easier. You will have a successful and professional bus driver resume in no time!

 Setting a Purpose for Your Bus Driver Resume

 Before you actually begin, remind yourself of why you are writing this resume. Setting a purpose will help guide your writing and give your resume consistency. Remember that your resume is the first impression that an employer will receive of you. Your resume also shows the employer your writing skills, organization, and attention to detail. Taking time to put together a professional resume is definitely worth it and will help you in the ultimate goal of landing that job!

 Formatting a Bus Driver Resume

 There are general rules that apply to all resumes, including a bus driver resume, that will help your resume to look professional. Typically, a resume should be no longer than two pages, although many resumes are one page. To help adjust length, play around with font size and margins. Try to keep within a font size of 10-12 points and use a common font, such as Times New Roman. Additionally, utilizing bullets and bolded words can help important parts stand out and will make your resume more visually appealing. Taking the time to format correctly will decrease the chance that the employer will turn you down for these preventable reasons. 

Sections To Include In Your Bus Driver Resume

 Contact Information

If you want to get hired, the employer better be able to contact you! It is best to include your address, phone number and email address. This gives the employer a few options for how to contact you.


The objective should clearly state why you are looking for a bus driver position in about one sentence. A carefully written objective can impress an employer, so take a moment to write something that will make you stand out.

 Educational Background and Certifications

Starting with your most recent degree, list your education experiences and certifications. In this section, include the degree title, school name, school location, and date earned. You may also chose to include your G.P.A. in this section.

 Work Experience

Again, list your most recent experience first. Include the name of company, location, position and date of employment. Also, in this section, list about 3-4 bullets explaining your job duties. Keep these explains brief, but specific enough so you do not leave the employer guessing.

 Leadership, Skills, and References

These last few sections are optional, however they can really beef up your resume. Try to include anything else that will make you an impressive applicant. For leadership, include the title and date of each position. A brief description can be included if the employer would not understand otherwise. Further, you may simply want to state that "references are available upon request".

 There are thousands of  bus driver jobs out there waiting to be filled. With the right resume, you will stand out as a applicant and land the job. Once you determine the information to include, you could even take advantage of ourresume builderto help save time. So, start today and begin the journey to your bus driver career!

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