How to Write a Sales Resume

How to Write a Sales Resume

When you're a sales professional, everyone expects you to always be selling. That means that when you write a sales resume, you need to create a compelling document to sway the opinion of the reader. If you treat a hiring manager as a customer when you write a sales resume, then you'll be able to create a winning document.

Towrite a sales resumethat'll get you hired, you need to pay attention to the same details you would attend to if you were contacting a large prospect. It can actually be fun to write a sales resume if you look at it as a sales project and use your skills to create a convincing document.

1. Write a sales resume as you would a report to your sales manager.

 How does a sales professional demonstrate his track record? With sales performance numbers. To write a sales resume that will get the kind of attention you are looking for, you need to have as many accurate sales numbers as possible.Your sales cover letter can allude to ballpark numbers to get the attention of the hiring manager. But when you write a sales resume, you need to have all of your best sales numbers on display.

2. Skip the filler information. 

While a career objective is good to have, it isn't necessary. Most hiring managers are looking for your track record and not a paragraph or two about your feelings on the sales profession.To write a sales resume that'll get you interviews, you need to skip the filler and get right to the good stuff. You can also put your educational background at the bottom of your resume because it will only matter if the hiring manager is impressed with your professional experience.

3. Include all of your pertinent awards, certifications, and commendations when you write a sales resume.

 Do you havespecial certificationsthat are important in your industry but not commonly held by sales professionals? Then include that information each time you write a sales resume.No matter how much space it takes up, you need to include every award and industry accolade you've acquired. In the world of sales, you can definitely enhance your image by listing all of your accomplishments.

4. Don't be afraid to drop names when you write a sales resume. 

Be sure that each company name is in the bold headline for each new listing. If you have a history of working for impressive companies, then that's a huge advantage when you sit down to write a sales resume. Did you work for a legendary sales manager in your industry? If you did, then include his name in your professional experience. If you've tried very hard to make sure that you work for only the most reputable people in the industry, then include that information in your resume.

Write A Sales Resume As If It Were The Most Important Sales Document You Will Ever Write 

The LiveCareer website has resources such as theresume builderandresume writingtool to help you create the best possible sales resume. You shouldn't write a sales resume without the kind of important help that the LiveCareer website offers. It'll make a huge difference in your sales career.

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