How to Write a Retail Resume

How to Write a Retail Resume

Retail sales is one of those professions that can be extremely portable. For example, you could be selling cellular phones one year and then furniture the next. It’s always a good idea to become known as an expert in a particular kind of retail sales, but the industry changes so much that it’s not always possible to stay employed selling the same products. Your retail sales resume needs to show that you can sell products and bring in customers.


1. Retail sales resumes need to show versatility.

Retail business owners love it when their sales people have experience in several different facets of the sales industry. For example, it’s helpful if you have experience opening a store, closing a store, stocking shelves, dealing with manufacturer’s representatives, and being the liaison between your clients and your customer service.

If you’ve taken on a wide variety of tasks during your retail career, that’s extremely valuable. The more versatile you are, the more value you will have to retail business owners. 

2. A retail resume gets right to the point

Most good retail resumes dive right into your professional experience and skills. You can still include a summary statement if you want (it’s never a bad idea)—but it isn’t necessary. Unless you’re applying for a managerial or executive position, employers won’t expect a summary statement.

Your retail resume should start off with your most recent professional experience and then list your career highlights. After highlighting your professional experience, then dive into your educational background and pertinent skills. Retail resumes are very no-nonsense and to-the-point documents. 

3. Make a comprehensive list of the tasks you performed with each job.

If you have extensive retail experience and this isn’t your entry-level resume , then you should list the tasks you’ve performed to showcase your qualifications. A retail hiring manager will appreciate being able to quickly access your past experience in an organized manner that’s easy to scan.

Be specific when you state your more important tasks. For example, list the point of sales (POS) systems you’ve worked with along with the software titles as well. If you’re working with industry standard systems, then note that as well. 

4. List your non-sales jobs as well.

If you started your retail career as a customer service representative, then put that on your resume. Retail business owners want to know what skills you have, and you want to present yourself as an employment candidate that’s ready to get to work. The more experience you have in non-sales related positions, the less training you’ll need before you can start.

You can also list personal activities, but only if they pertain to your retail job. For example, volunteering at the hospital is always a good resume piece because it shows that you have experience dealing with people in extreme situations. Anything that can help to boost your value to the retail business owner is pertinent. 

5. Always list your job-related skills.

Throughout your professional experience section, you listed the hardware and software systems you worked with that are standards in the retail world. Now that you’ve covered the industry standards, you also need to cover the skills and duties that apply to the target job—and that job only. Carefully read the job description, and make sure any and all keywords (industry-related words that appear more than once) also appear in your resume.

A good example of job-related skills would be the ability to use inventory software. Your ability to use a variety of computer programs, such as word processors and spreadsheets, should also appear in your resume.

Your Retail Resume Needs to Be Stellar

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