How to Write a Hotel Clerk Resume

How to Write a Hotel Clerk Resume

Working at a hotel is a great opportunity to meet a variety of people with varied interests and stories. While there are plenty of options for working at a hotel, clerks get the opportunity to meet people the moment they walk through the door and help them to enjoy their stay. Therefore, it is important that if you are applying for this type of job, that you use your resume to showcase your experience and your customer service skills. Here are some tips for how to write a hotel clerk resume to assure that you stand out in the interviewer’s mind.

 Contact Information 

One of the first things you want to display on your resume should be how the interviewer can contact you. By putting this information immediately at the top of your resume, the reader then knows exactly how to get a hold of you if they feel the rest of your resume fits the needs that they have. However, if the interviewers has to dig around to find your contact info or, even worse, if you forget to put your contact information, then you can pretty much assure that you won’t be getting a call back anytime soon. 

Clear Objective 

No matter what company you work for, they want to hear what you can do for them right off the bat. Therefore, when you write a hotel clerk resume, be sure to state what it is that you think you can do for that specific hotel. A clear objective should be authoritative enough to demonstrate your wherewithal to get things done, but open enough to demonstrate that you are willing to alter your objective with the goals or position that the hotel has for you. 

Relevant History 

If you have worked other jobs, be sure to put that information down when you write your hotel clerk resume. However, you will help yourself the most if you write work history that is most relevant to the duties that you’ll be having when working at a hotel. Even if you have never worked in the hotel industry before, you can put down customer service positions or other work that you would be using the same skills to better the experience when working as a hotel clerk.

 Educational and Certificate Training

 You should also include your educational background and any types of certificates you have earned as well. In the hotel industry, there are plenty of courses that you can take to get certified to be a more reputable employee. But even having certifications in CPR, for example, shows your ability to learn in a variety of different subjects. As well as the fact that you can save a life if necessary.

 Triple Check When You Write A Hotel Clerk Resume 

After you’ve added a few references at the bottom of your resume, you want to check it for grammatical and spelling errors. Then, after you’ve checked it, check it over once more. And even after that time, put the resume down, walk away for a bit, clear your mind, and then come back and check your resume yet another time. Even after you have checked again, you should still refer to a resume check program like LiveCareer’sResume Checkto assure that it’s truly as good as it can be. Your resume demonstrates your intelligence and is your first impression on a hiring manager. The last thing you want to do is having there be errors that could otherwise have been easily avoided. Once you feel as if your resume is as clean as it should be, you’re ready to send it off to the potential hotels you want to work for.


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