Resume Writing Tips for Hospitality Workers

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As you complete your resume for a position in the hospitality field, try to view your words through the eyes of the manager who will be studying your credentials and comparing them to dozens of other candidates. What will this person be looking for? What will she find interesting? Which qualifications will she find obvious or minimal? Which ones will surprise her or impress her? And which ones will drive her away?

Six Things to Include on Your Hospitality Resume 

Below are some of the most important pieces of information to include in your resume:

1. A very strong summary. The hospitality field is competitive and crowded, and it’s very likely that the manager reading your resume will be pressed for time and will have a large pool of applicants to narrow down. Make it easy for your reviewer to remember who you are, and make it hard to stop reading your resume after the first few lines. Both of these can be accomplished with a concise, compelling summary. Get rid of those adverbs and empty buzzwords and replace them with hard-hitting specifics.

2. Your area of study. Unless your college is famous for its hotel and restaurant management program, the actual name of the institution won’t matter much to most employers. But hospitality managers will definitely want to know what kinds of courses you’ve taken and how much business training you’ve undergone. A degree in marketing, an MBA, a culinary degree, or a two- to four-year degree in business management will all be attractive. If you studied something else in a completely different area, mangers may find this interesting. But you’ll have to explain the reasons behind your transition and how you believe your non-related degree will help you.

3. The names of your most important connections. These may be specific people who the manager may recognize. They may also be high profile, highly recognizable previous employers. If you have any strongly branded companies under your belt, make sure these stand out in your work history section.

4. Specific accomplishments. Don’t just tell your reviewer how you fulfilled the basic duties expected of you. Emphasis the unique challenges you overcame, the times when you showed real leadership, and the times when you acted as though your personal reputation and your employer’s reputation were one in the same. Hospitality managers love candidates who take total ownership over the guest experience, and who take guest comfort personally and seriously.

5. Demonstrated skill with technology. Technology is playing an increasingly vital role in the hospitality industry (as it is in almost every industry). If you’re familiar with the latest booking and reservation systems, POS systems, and maintenance scheduling software, let your potential employers know. Social media savvy is also playing a powerful role in company success, so if you know how to use the internet to help your employer make money, speak up.

6. Diverse roles. An employee who has worn multiple hats in previous positions is likely to be an employee with diverse skill sets who’s seen multiple sides of the business. This is also probably an employee who will be flexible enough to pitch in and take on responsibilities outside of his or her job description when necessary. Hospitality managers love to see this.

Get The Attention You Deserve & the Job You Want

There’s more to a hospitality job application than a strong resume…but not much more. In this competitive field, a powerful resume and cover letter give you the best chance of getting noticed and making it past keyword scanners and first-round reviewers.

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