How to Write a Hospitality Resume

How to Write a Hospitality Resume

If you work in the hospitality industry, chances are there are one or two things you specialize in. For example, if the bulk of your work history comes from day spas, you probably won’t be applying for jobs as a hotel cleaning person or a line cook.

For that reason, writing a hospitality resume is going to be specific to your skills and history—not all hospitality-based resumes can be interchangeable. If you want a job in the hospitality industry, here are some good ways to tailor your resume to the job.

Think About What You Do

The hospitality industry is vast, and jobs vary greatly within it. It covers hotels, tourist attractions, spas, salons, and to some extent, travel agencies, extended living centers, and rehab centers. The one connecting factor in all hospitality jobs is that it’s your role to make sure people are comfortable.

So, think about what you do, and tailor your resume for the job you want. Are you a nail technician, or are you in a more hands-off role like hotel management? Do you have the mathematical acumen for supply procurement and accounting, or would you rather spend time with guests, as in a tour guide role? Think back on your experience and how you’d like to apply it to your new potential job.

Find Sample Resumes

The best way to know if your resume is right for the job you want is to compare it with other similar jobs in the hospitality sector . If you want to work as a hotel clerk, comparing your resume to a housekeeping resume won’t offer the best insight. Look for the most relevant job titles, and make sure your resume isn’t completely missing the mark or forgetting any vital information.

Certifications Are Important

If your state or locality requires food handling and safety certificates, health department certifications for nail technicians, or you’ve graduated from beauty school, these are things you need to make sure get seen. Put them in a prominent position and highlight them with stylized fonts like bolding or italics so that hiring managers know you have these credentials. Some of these credentials are legally required by locality, while others are simply preferred by the establishment that their employees have them.

Include Your Volunteer Work

If you’ve never worked in a hotel before but would like to be a front desk clerk, be sure to mention the volunteer work you’ve done. Maybe you haven’t helped check people in before, but your weekends spent at the retirement home are absolutely relevant. Want to work at a convalescent home? Mention the times you spent reading to the blind, or took your puppy to visit the patients at the local senior center.

 Volunteering shows compassion, concern for the comfort of others, and altruism, which all help you connect on a personal level to customers. This is gold for hiring managers, because in the end, hospitality is all about liking people and helping them like you and your place of business.

Get Outside Help

Hospitality jobs tend to be a little more fluid than other career options like software engineers and legal professionals. Generally, if you have a friendly personality and are capable of learning quickly, there are a number of jobs in the hospitality industry that you can learn and do well in. There’s a lot of overlap in skill sets, and the major underlying factor is a winning personality and a genuine love of people.

However, other jobs in the hospitality industry require certifications, years of experience, and a strong background before you get hired. Know what you want, find out what they’re looking for, and put that on your resume. Use LiveCareer’s Resume Builder to help you write your hospitality-based resume. 

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