How to Write a Healthcare Resume

How to Write a Healthcare Resume

If you're in the healthcare field, it probably hasn't escaped you that you should be using a specialized healthcare-focused resume to search for jobs. Using the same kind of resume an accountant or teacher uses is probably not going to be as effective at grabbing the attention of hiring managers in the healthcare field. Below are a few ways to make your healthcare resume stand out and have a better chance of being noticed.

Choose the Right Format

Most people use a one-page resume to find a job, but things are a bit different in the healthcare field. If you're a doctor, a scientist, a Ph.D., a Ph.D. candidate, or a researcher in the medical field, your resume will be much longer than a standard resume. It will also include vital research you've worked on, papers you've published or contributed to, and academic or professional boards you sit on. Nurses, public health officials, and other healthcare professionals tend to stick with more basic, standard resumes.

Include Keywords

Aligning the keywords in the job description with words in your resume is how prospective employees get their resume past the keyword matching phase. Because keyword matching is done almost exclusively by a computer, even the most flawless, relevant resume won't make it past the first screen unless it includes a few of the corresponding keywords.

Some job descriptions have small sections of descriptive or industry-specific words at the top or bottom of the page, and those should appear on your resume. If there's no list of keywords, you can usually recognize them from the job description by their relevance in your industry. Look for certain certifications and common concepts in the description for your keywords.

Discuss Your Continuing Education Efforts

In healthcare, continuing education is as important as your nursing or medical school education. New technologies and treatments are being developed every day, and it's important to stay on top of developments in the industry.

Staying up to day with the latest studies and advances allows you to provide top-notch care and makes you a more attractive candidate when searching for jobs. Be sure to indicate what classes and certifications you've earned on an ongoing basis, so that employers know you're committed to becoming a better healthcare professional throughout your career.

Highlight the Skills that Make You Unique

The healthcare industry is so vast and widely varied that everyone is going to have a different experience. Make sure yours shows up on your resume.

If you've worked in an emergency room, you know how important it is to think on your feet, stay calm in a scary situation, and deal with situations many people can't stomach. If you've written grant applications in the past, mention that. If you’ve managed a large caseload in past positions, make sure that goes on your resume too. Your career as a healthcare professional is an impressive one, so you need to make sure prospective employers see it.

Focus on Your Personal Statement

In the healthcare industry, an established commitment to public health and safety can be spelled out in your objective statement so that your potential employers know that you take healthcare seriously. A well-written personal statement explaining your commitment to the health and welfare of patients shows a kind, compassionate, thorough healthcare professional whose heart and head are in the right place.

Becoming a healthcare professional is no easy task, and it often includes difficult and lengthy educational requirements, long hours, and thankless tasks. Getting a job in the industry can be difficult as well, but with these tips, your resume will really stand out and you'll have a much better chance at scoring an interview. Use LiveCareer's Resume Builder for more information and help on writing a top-notch healthcare resume.

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