How to Write a Customer Service Resume

How to Write a Customer Service Resume

Customer service is a profession that’s finally getting the kind of credit it deserves. For too long, companies would hire inexperienced associates and pay them minimum wage. But now, you need an excellent customer service resume to be able to land these coveted jobs.


1. Give examples of how you’re good with people.

Your customer service resume will find its way to the trash bin if it starts off with any statement that says how good you are with people. Hiring managers are already assuming that you have some people skills because you’re in the customer service field. Instead of making this cliché and blanket statement, you should provide examples of how you’re good with people.

Have you won any awards related to your ability to deal with the public? Were you recognized by previous employers for your excellent customer service skills? These are the kinds of accomplishments you should be listing on your resume to give it substance.

2. Open with a statement of your qualifications.

The common resume methodology is to start off with your educational background, but customer service resumes are a bit different. Your qualification section is where you list your awards and any career highlights that will inspire the reader to continue surveying your resume.

Your qualifications can also include any customer service specific training you’ve done and any articles you have had published in industry magazines or on websites. Use the qualifications section to set up the rest of your resume and establish your expertise in customer service.

3. Your professional experience follows your qualifications. 

Once you have your reader's attention, it’s time to let him know where you’ve been and what you’ve done. Don’t be afraid to include professional experience that’s unrelated to customer service as that can give the look of a well-rounded career.

Be specific when you outline your job responsibilities and your accomplishments. Let the reader know why you’re a coveted customer service professional and what you’ve done to help other companies succeed. 

4. Your education needs to be customer service specific.

As with any resume, you should list your high school and college credentials in the education section of your resume. But you will significantly increase your chances of getting a customer service job if you make your educational information centered on your customer service accomplishments.

Include any high school or college courses that you took which related to customer service. You should also include all certifications you’ve received and any seminars you attended that dealt with customer service. If you studied abroad at all, then include this information—it will give the impression that you have experience in relating to people in different cultures. 

5. Always highlight your unique contact with people in your customer service resume.

The customer service industry is all about creating strong relationships with people. You can show your ability to generate strong relationships by pointing out unique things you’ve done, like playing in a band or trying to start your own textbook return business in college.

You should point out any volunteer work you’ve done or continue to do, any charitable organizations you work for, and any projects you’ve taken on that involved extensive contact with people. Yes, it does look good on your resume to say that you were involved with charities. But to a customer service hiring manager , that kind of extended exposure to groups of people is important in the hiring process.

Create a Resume that Will Win You a Customer Service Job

Use the resources on LiveCareer, such as the resume builder and the resume checker , to create the kind of resume that will impress customer service professionals. Remember that it is your ability to maintain strong relationships with people that will help you get the customer service job you want. Highlight those abilities in your resume and advance your career.

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