Why Your Resume Needs Keywords

Why Your Resume Needs Keywords

Most of today’s workforce didn’t grow up with the internet as it’s known now. In fact, some people still look at the web as some alien creation that cannot be trusted. But when it comes to your job hunt, the internet is your best friend. Learn how including keywords in your resume can improve your resume and speed up your job search.


1. Your resume should be the cornerstone of your job hunting website.

Your job hunting website is one of the more important tools you’ll use to advance your career. If you don’t have a personal websites, then you need to get one. The investment in a domain with your name in it is minimal, and so is a good hosting package. Some sites even offer a free hosting package, which will help you get your site up and running with a professional template.

Your resume, with the appropriate keywords , will be the cornerstone of that site. Your keywords should be terms that apply to your industry, but be careful not stuff your resume with industry terms. It will read awkward and it will prevent search engines from putting your resume towards the top of search engine results. 

2. Your personal website uses keywords as well. 

When you post your resume to your personal website, that website will crawl your resume and look for keywords it can use to categorize your skills. If you use keywords properly in your resume, your resume will appear on page one of general searches for the top search engines. 

3. Keywords will help your resume gain exposure on social media.

Keywords and social media go together like peanut butter and jelly. It’s always a good idea to post your resume to social media, but adding keywords can make it even more effective.

Imagine the kind of exposure your job hunt would get if your resume started showing up in Facebook news feeds and Twitter tweets simply because you had keywords that matched a comment someone else posted. Your resume could be seen by a wide variety of potential employers all over the web.

4. You can reference your resume in other content when your resume has keywords.

The ambitious job hunter knows that they can create a blog or submit content to other websites that could help them gain exposure. If they include resume keywords in their blog and in their articles, then that’ll also increase the exposure their resume will get.

A good example of how this works is if you use press releases to promote your resume. It might sound like a silly idea, but there are press release distribution services that can get a well-crafted press release published on websites around the web. When the keywords in your press release match up with the keywords in your resume, you’ll significantly enhance your exposure. 

5. Keywords offer durability to your resume.

Durability means that your resume will be seen first—before everyone else’s— even though it was posted months ago. Content that uses keywords tends to rise above the other content over time. When you put good keywords in your resume, then you’ll get the sustained kind of exposure that you’re looking for. 

Craft a Good Resume Using Keywords & Expand Your Job Hunt

Thanks to the internet, potential employers that didn’t even know you existed can now find your resume. And with resources like LiveCareer, you can create a powerful resume that uses keywords to your advantage.

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