The 5 Places You NEED to Bring Your Resume

The 5 Places You NEED to Bring Your Resume

When you start looking for a new job, one of the most important tools that you will need is an outstanding resume. Your resume should highlight your strongest accomplishments and be targeted for the job you want. In the course of your job search, you should make a habit of carrying copies of your resume with you. Here are five places you should be taking your resume to increase your chances of getting hired.

 Job Placement Firms 

Job placement and recruiting firms are organizations that help to match up employers and people that are looking for a job. Before they can help you, they will first need to read through your resume to get a sense of your qualifications. Job placement firms are experts at preparing and modifying resumes, so they may be able to help edit your resume to make you more attractive to employers.

 Current Employer 

Most people don’t consider work a place to bring a resume, but you should always ensure that your employer is well aware of what your experience is. It would be a good idea to keep one on file with your human resources department. This way if new positions open up, the human resources department will have your information on hand to determine if you are qualified for a new role--potentially one with more responsibility and more financial reward.

 Job Fairs and Networking Events 

Most industries hold regular job fairs and networking events where you can go to meet people in the industry and network with potential employers. You never know what connections you’re going to make at such events, so be sure to have multiple copies of your resume on hand. Then, when a position opens up, employers will be able to review your qualifications and get in touch with you if they’re interested interviewing you for the position. 


When going to an interview, it is very likely that you have already submitted a resume to the company. While this may be true, it would be a good idea to bring copies to hand out as well. This will show that you are prepared for the interview and could provide some valuable information about yourself if the employer does not have one with then during the meeting. When you do bring a copy with you, be sure that the resume is printed on high-quality resume paper.


While most people consider class a place to simply learn, it could also be a great place to network, and eventually, to find a job. This is particularly true for people that are nearing the end of their college education or are in graduate school. It would be a good idea to trade resumes with people in your class to either start to build a network of connections or simply to receive tips and feedback on how to improve your resume. 

When you’re hunting for a new job, it’s important to be prepared wherever you go. By always having your resume ready to go, you’ll be a step ahead in the job-hunting game. Want to make sure you’ve got a professional resume that’s ready to go? Take advantage of  LiveCareer's Resume Builder and Resume Review services, and create, edit, print and send high-quality resumes in just minutes.  


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