5 Reasons to Update Your Resume Even if You Aren’t Looking

The day you landed the job you currently hold—three, five, or 20 years ago—you stopped thinking about your resume. You tucked it into a folder or filed it away somewhere, and since that day, you haven’t glanced over it even once. Once you stepped into your new position, you never looked back.

But even if you like your current job and you aren’t looking for anything else, it may be a good idea to open that old forgotten resume file (if the file format isn’t outdated by now) and update your information. Here are a few reasons why this move may be worth an hour or two of your time.

1. Because opportunity is a funny thing.

Sometimes you think you have everything you need and there’s nowhere you can go from here and there’s nothing more you could possible ever want…until you see it. You may be at a conference, on a research trip, or just mingling at a social event when opportunity appears in front of you. 

If someone presents you with an unexpected doorway into an amazing new world, you’ll want to be ready. Most of the time, when a professional contact says “just forward me your resume later tonight or tomorrow and I’ll pass it along,” they really mean “send it quickly, because by tomorrow I may forget all about this conversation.”

2. Because the future is uncertain and every job is temporary.

You may be 100 percent certain that your job is secure and your company couldn’t survive without you. But it can. 

Jobs are rarely as eternal as the sun, or as stable as employees believe they are (especially employees who have never experienced an unexpected layoff). There’s no feeling quite like walking into your office on an ordinary Wednesday morning and walking out again an hour later with your desktop mementos in a cardboard box. Travel light and be ready for anything.

3. Because resumes aren’t just for finding work. 

Resumes aren’t just useful during a job search. They’re essential fact sheets that cover the key details of your working life, and with one glance, those who read them can learn plenty about who you are and what you’re able to do. 

A growing number of working people—on and off the job market—are keeping their credentials posted on LinkedIn for any curious person who cares to look them up. 

4. Because the circumstances around you may change.

You love your job today…but you might not love it so much tomorrow when your awesome boss leaves the company and is replaced by someone else. Or when your job description changes, or when you’re transferred to a new location that’s hours away from where you live.   

5. Because you’re in a calm and focused state of mind right now.  

Right now, you’re happy. Right now, you’re content. Right now, you have all the time in the world to labor over every detail of your resume and make sure it’s perfect. If you put off this task until you’re in a state of crisis, it won’t be as easy to focus.

Update Your Resume Today

While you’re thinking clearly and while you have a regular paycheck heading into your account every few weeks, take some time to update your resume. Add your last few positions to your work history and make sure your skills and education sections reflect your most recent accomplishments. Turn to the templates on LiveCareer for guidance.  

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