Five Signs it May be Time to Get Resume Help

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With a little help from your trustworthy friend the internet, you can get some helpful job-search guidance. You can research competitive salaries in your area, job openings in your industry, how to write a cover letter , and just about anything else that’s on your job.

But the truth is, your entire job-search process—and your resume in particular—could be improved. After all, you can only eat ramen and noodles for so long. You need to find a job—and soon.

If any of the following situations ring true, it may be time to seek some resume help from your friends, career counselors, mentors, and (gulp)professional writers .

1. Your resume isn’t getting any responses at all. A few phone screenings every week can be considered a good sign. And more than four interviews a month means your resume is definitely doing its job and your search just requires a bit of patience. But a silent phone and an empty email inbox, day after day and week after week, mean something’s wrong.

2. Employers are contacting you, but they’re only doing so to clarify confusing issues on your resume. If employers are calling you just to confirm your salary requirements or double check an aspect of your career history, that’s great…but not if they end the conversation and don’t call again. Find out what aspects of your resume are raising questions and get these confusing points cleared up before you continue to submit. 

3. Employers are trying to find out more about you through online searches, and they’re coming up dry. You have every right to stay quiet on social media if you choose. Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t need a Twitter feed, Facebook profile, LinkedIn profile, and a blog with daily updates in order to survive in the modern world. But if a Google search offers employers zero information about you, and a social media search reveals nothing but a blurry profile photo and iron-clad privacy settings, you may be missing opportunities to impress. 

4. You haven’t received any outside help or perspective regarding your resume and cover letter. Writers rarely produce strong work in an environment of total solitude. Writing well requires soliciting input and feedback from readers, and the same rule applies to professional layout and presentation. You may think your resume is written beautifully and flawlessly formatted, but get a second opinion before you move forward.

Stay on Track with LiveCareer

If you aren’t quite ready to shout your employment status from the rooftops, start by visiting LiveCareer for the tools, leads, and resume help you need to keep your search on track. Use the site’s Resume Builder to make sure your resume is structured according to the standards of your industry. 

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