5 Reasons to Get Help with Your Resume

It’s time to come to terms with your situation and face the truth: Your current employer just isn’t meeting your needs anymore. When you first received your offer to join this company, you were so excited you could hardly sleep. But that was a long time ago, and you’ve since realized that this job isn’t making you happy and this company isn’t doing anything for your future career. So it’s time to move on and start thinking about the next chapter. 

But first things first, and before you make the leap and hand in your resignation, you’ll need to create a sharp, professional, winning resume. And you know this process won’t be easy. Brilliant resumes don’t grow on trees, and neither do dream jobs. Both require a little elbow grease, a difficult search, and some careful thought and attention. The road ahead will also be easier if you can rely on a little support from those around you. Here are five great reasons to get some help with your resume instead of going it alone.

1. Two perspectives are better than one.

And of course, three or four perspectives are better than two. Another person’s input can help you hone in on the qualities and credentials you’re reviewers may find appealing. A fresh pair of eyes can also help you clarify specific statements, accomplishments, and responsibilities that might confuse your readers.

2. Great employees aren’t always great writers.

There’s no shame in reaching out for a little writing help from a seasoned professional. While most employers are looking for candidates with strong communication skills, these employers also recognize that writing is sometimes a collaborative process, and the fact that you reached out for some professional input and guidance won’t be considered a weakness. It may even be viewed as a strength or a sign of problem solving skills.

3. Professional resume writers understand the goals and challenges of your job search.

They may even understand these challenges far better than you do. After all, you may be on the job market for the first time ever, but they spend every day here. So they know what most employers expect from a great resume, how resumes are read and processed, and how the standard job search evolves from one year to the next. 

4. Professional editing can prevent damaging mistakes.

Having a friend or family member look over your resume for spelling and grammatical errors can protect you from simple, obvious mistakes. But a professional editor can take this job a few steps further, helping you avoid more subtle embarrassing errors and also helping you smooth out your phrases and clarify your message. 

5. Resume experts can elevate your profile…without changing who you are or what you’ve done.

Professional resume pros know how to use subtle word choices and formatting decisions to help you grab the spotlight. Your credentials are what they are, but the right editor on your side, you’ll be better able to showcase your proudest moments and best qualities.

Don’t Go It Alone

Don’t miss a single opportunity to excel. Reach out to the experts at LiveCareer and use the tool son the site to create a winning profile that takes your career to the next level. 

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