How to Write a Resume that Lands More Job Offers

How to Write a Resume that Lands More Job Offers

When you’re sending out resumes, you should be asking yourself how you can land more job offers. If you’re sending out resumes to a dozen companies per day and not scoring any interviews, you should be asking yourself what you’re doing wrong and trying to improve.


Unfortunately, it can be hard to get feedback on your resume without contacting a head hunter or recruiter who is kind enough to review your resume. LiveCareer’s Resume Review service is another great option for a section-by-section critique. 

Measurable Achievements 

Don’t just write each entry on your resume with a litany of tasks you completed each day. The hiring manager doesn’t want to know that you’ll show up to work and get everything done each day; that’s to be expected. She wants to know that you’ll improve the company’s circumstances in some tangible, measurable way. Detail how you improved your last position: did you increase revenues by a certain percentage? Improve productivity by implementing an automated version of a previous function? Don’t just say what you did each day; say how what you did each day helped the company thrive. 

Customize Resumes 

If you’re sending out your resume 100 times a day, it’s clear what your problem is. You’re simply blanketing the job market with bland, generic descriptions of your work history and experience. What you should be doing is customizing your resume each time you decide to send it in, based on the job description on the application. It’s much better to send out 5 resumes that are highly tailored to each position than 100 that are completely generic. Customizing your resume for each opening will get you more interviews and you can land more job offers. 

Highlight and Summarize 

You should include a career highlights section or summary for each resume you send out, and it should correspond closely with the job description in the application if you want to land more job offers. This section should contain keywords to the application, but don’t be too obvious and start stuffing nonsensical keywords in left and right. It should make sense and be highly tailored to the job description. 


One of the biggest things that can keep you from landing more job offers is a sloppy, poorly written resume full of typos and errors. It’s important that you make sure your resume is grammatically perfect and that there are no spelling mistakes. Be on the lookout for homophones like “our” and “hour” because the wrong word won’t make sense, but it will still make it past the spell check function. Be careful of formatting errors, too, because constant editing of your resume can create inconsistencies in bullets, margins, or font stylization. Because you’ve looked at your resume so often, you may develop a sort of blind spot for these mistakes, so if possible, have someone else check out your resume to make sure it’s perfect. 

You want to land more job offers without wallpapering the job market with your resume. Fortunately, taking extra care up front to make sure your resume is flawless and tailored to the job opening available will help you be more effective in your job search. This will help you not only score more interviews and land more job offers, but you’re able to be more selective and can end up with the best job for your qualifications. You can also check out LiveCareer’s Resume Builder to help create the best interview-generating resume possible.

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