How to Make a Resume Stand Out

How to Make a Resume Stand Out

The job market remains as fierce as ever. For every one position, there can be dozens – even hundreds – of applicants. This is especially true when you factor in online applications. That’s why when it comes to constructing your resume you need to do everything to make it creative and challenging. You have to design a stand out resume that no hiring manager can skip over.


Here are some tips for making your resume stand out from the pack. 

Stress Educational Accomplishments 

Highlighting education is important if you have a short employment history or you’re preparing to leave the education system. Point out your grade average, what clubs and volunteer work you were involved in and how they affected the community. A stand out resume will show hiring managers that despite a limited work history, you have already demonstrated a strong sense of responsibility and consistency and you know how to work with others. 

Highlight Success and Responsibility 

Whenever possible, use numbers to quantify your worth. How did your input affect the bottom line, be it through profit margin, sales volume or expansion? If you supervised, mention how many employees were under you. How much money did your individual and total projects bring into the company? How much did you save your department by cutting costs? 


Keywords are not just for the Internet. You can target your resume to maximize your value at any company with a resume that hits all the right notes. If there are key phrases in the job post that you can reiterate in your resume, do so. e.g., if the job post lists proficiency in Excel spreadsheets a plus, phrase proficient in Excel spreadsheets in your resume. You can also review the company website, and their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to get unique information about the organization and target position. These keywords will give hiring managers a reason to associate you closely as the right candidate. 

Power Words 

Power words are strong, focused verbs that show you’re a player that gets things done. As often as possible, begin sentences with words like increased, resolved, initiated and maximized. These words are excellent for emphasizing the idea that you don’t merely perform tasks, you produce results. 

Awards and Achievements 

What others have done to acknowledge your work is a far greater statement than saying what you’ve done. List awards and recognitions bestowed for your work, including if you were part of a team or successful project. Stand out resumes prominently use keywords like recognized for, selected by and elected. This can also include recognitions for charitable and community organizations you’ve been involved with. 


Every resume should be tailored to the position you are applying to. Gone are the days of mass shipping the same resume for all positions. Hiring managers can read them a mile away and it could put you in a generic category you don’t want to be in. Rearrange bullets to highlight what’s pertinent to that position. Add and eliminate information as needed. 

A solid way to create a stand out resume is to have trusted people review it for you and help you work out the glitches. Another is to use Resume Builder . It’s the most efficient method for building a stand out resume, providing everything from key phrases, designs and examples of the most professional and appealing resumes.

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