Ask a Hiring Manager: Resume Success Stories

This week,LiveCareer reached out to several of the hiring managers in our network and asked them to share their best hiring success stories—the unforgettable resumes that blew them away and introduced them to the strongest employees they’ve ever had on their teams. Here are few of the details they sent our way.

All About You

“We spotted a resume in the stack that stood out from a mile away. This kid didn’t have much experience, but she knew how to tailor her skills to the exact needs that our company faced at the time. The resume wasn’t about her at all; it was about us. From beginning to end. We hired her and she stayed with us for a few years.”

Tailored to Perfection

“We’re a marketing company, and we hired a candidate who had an undergraduate degree in earthquake science and a master’s in comparative anthropology. Of course those two fields have nothing to do with our company…or so we thought. Her resume and cover letter succinctly explained how the opposite was true . Clearly, marketing and earthquakes have more in common than any of us could have imagined.”

Hook, Line & Sinker

“My best hire went on to become my best friend. He and his wife are now godparents to our daughter. I can’t believe that all the ensuing events, including our complex relationship and the rise of that company (which was later bought out by another firm) started with a clever three-line summary at the top of his resume. Life is funny.”

Cover Letter Success

“I have no idea where this department or this company would be without my associate manager. And it all started with one line in her cover letter. She said ‘I know your new product is designed to target South American buyers and establish a foothold in a new overseas market. I can help you make this happen.’ I was sold. The rest is history.

A Lesson In Humility

“My favorite resume came from a candidate who announced in his cover letter that he was ‘not a social media expert.’ Too often, millennial candidates claim they know everything about social media just because they have a Twitter feed. I was refreshed and intrigued by his straightforward approach. He went on to describe his true skills and the real contributions he was ready to bring to the table. He’s now the head of his division.”

Great Stories Start with Great Resumes

If you’d like to become one of your future manager’s all-time great success stories, begin your journey with a brilliant resume. Visit LiveCareer and use the resume and cover letter builders on the site to take the first step.  

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