Your Resume: Applying for the Same Job Twice

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When is a job opportunity officially over? Here’s our answer to a very common job search question, one we receive from at least a few readers every week.


“I applied for the job of my dreams, and I didn’t hear back. I tried to follow up with phone calls and emails for a few weeks, but I never heard a word. I think my application just fell through the cracks. Is it weird to try again from scratch?”


“I submitted my resume and cover letter only to realize a few minutes later that I left out some vital information. I also spelled a word wrong. What if I just fix my resume and submit it again?”


“I submitted a resume and application for a job and I was rejected. But now I see on the company website that the same position has been reopened…or maybe it still hasn’t been filled. Can I just apply again ?” 


In all three cases, there’s nothing unethical or illegal about starting the application process over from scratch. In fact, some applications actually do fall through the cracks, and when this happens, resubmitting is the only way to get the employer’s attention. So feel free to apply again.

But don’t submit three times. If this mystery takes place more than once, it’s time to let this job go and move on to the next one. Continuing to bark up this tree will only waste your time and slow your progress toward the position that’s meant for you.

And if you’ve been rejected from a position and you’re attempting to apply again, keep three simple common-sense considerations in mind:

  1. It’s very likely that the reviewers who open your resume will remember who you are. If slight embarrassment bothers you, think twice before making this move.
  2. If your first application led to an interview, and you were denied the job after the interview happened, reconsider going back to this same well. Instead, use the feedback you received from these employers (if any) and move forward. Try pursuing a similar or identical position in another company or another branch of the same industry.
  3. Sometimes “never give up” is a brilliant phrase that can drive your career forward. But sometimes it’s a phrase that shouldn’t be taken literally. True professionalism means knowing the difference.

A Strong Resume Can Make You Stand Out...the First Time 

The first rule of resume and cover letter submission is simple: Put yourself in the position of the person who will be reviewing it. Imagine the qualities this person might be searching for in a candidate. Intelligence? Tact? Persistence? If you have these traits, use your application—and your behavior—to make this message clear. Visit LiveCareer for tools, tips, and resume formatting guidelines that can help you with this process. 

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