Top 5 Mistakes on Student Resumes

Top 5 Mistakes on Student Resumes

A well constructed resume is an introduction. It has to impress hiring managers enough for them to want to know more about you. This can be difficult when your student resume is riddled with mistakes.


Live Careerhas made a lot of contact with hiring managers and candidates that got the job. We’ve familiarized ourselves with the proven techniques and tactics, putting them to work through the best products for finding employment. We have an understanding of the mistakes on student resumes candidates make frequently. It’s not that surprising. Just entering the market, you’re full of courage and confidence, ready to take on the world without being fully aware of the guidelines. 

We want to make sure you realize your full potential so that you don’t follow in the footsteps of other students who fail to research the best ways to write a resume. We don’t want you to find yourself in the last place any job candidate wants to be: the NOT INTERESTED pile. So avoid the top five mistakes on student resumes. 

Your Resume is NOT the Internet

We are seeing a second generation that has no idea what life was like without the Internet, cell phones and computers. And it shows. A lot of students cannot distinguish the difference between professional tone and using Facebook. More and more hiring managers see resumes with language that’s far too relaxed and peppered with abbreviations like LOL, u and the lowercased i. Don’t “u” do this.

 Spelling & Grammar

The most important element of any resume yet it’s mentioned on lists like this every time. That’s because hiring managers see resumes, and not just from students, demonstrating a lack of skill in spelling, punctuation and construction. The last thing you want to impress on any hiring manager before you even shake their hand is a lack of attention to detail, the most important trait of any position. Spell and grammar check, and let someone you trust with language read it. Twice. Use LiveCareer’sResume Checkto catch the most common resume mistakes.

Applying for Wrong Position

Everyone’s guilty of it. We send out resumes en masse and wait to see what sticks. Hiring managers see this immediately, especially when the resume isn’t specific to their opening. Resumes should be tailored to the position applied for. Edit your resume to highlight skills to the slot in question. Personalize it so hiring managers see not only that you’re perfect but you’re paying attention.

 Objective Statements

Unless you have something unique to say about the position and how it suits your intentions, goals and skills, skip the opening statement. In terms of mistakes on student resumes, this isn’t big but hiring managers see enough generic To work with a company where I can grow and use my talents to blah, blah, blah. You’re better off if you can say Using my studies and research in economics to develop and implement strategies that will help….


As the kids say, “Too much information.” Avoid personal info unless you’re including a Hobbies or Interests section and even then tread carefully. There should be no mention of your comic book collection or love of video games. Keep every word and reference professional.

 Live Career has a range of products that can help you build your resume and get the job. Resume Builder andCover Letter Builderare excellent starts. We also have Resume Writing and Resume Check services available. Use them improve your chances of not making mistakes on students resumes and impressing hiring managers.

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