Build Your Resume Before Graduation

start on your resume before graduation

For many people looking for work or to change careers, going back to school is agreat way to add skills to a resume, but there are a few things students can do before they graduate to help prepare for a new or different job.

One of the best ways to add to a resume and build networking skills before graduation is to consider previous connections through past part-time jobs or volunteer work.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, job seekers should contact old connections, add the experiences of past positions in the form of skill sets on a resume and think about contacting people in the field to ask for feedback.

A good way to keep track of these connections is to make a list of former employers, coworkers or family and friends who may be able to offer career insight, as well as offer introductions to others in the industry.

Potential job candidates can also reach out to professors to discuss ideas and ask about possible internships. Most colleges and universities offer job placement services, so it's also a good idea to visit these centers well before graduation to get an idea of potential job prospects.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that professionals with postsecondary degrees have the potential to earn up to $1,000 more per week than those with some or no college education.

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