How to Write a Manager Resume

How to Write a Manager Resume

Applying for a management position with any company can be a challenge. The fact that a company is looking to hire outside its current work force for a manager indicates that the company has some pretty demanding criteria. If you want to be considered for a managerial position with a new company, then your resume needs to speak loudly about your qualifications. 

1. Set up your resume to match the industry you work in.

If your management skills come from years of working in a machine shop, then a qualifications section to introduce your philosophy on management isn’t appropriate. But if you’re applying for a position as a sales manager, then the hiring manager is going to want to know how you feel about micromanaging versus allowing your staff to perform on their own.

A straightforward managerial position requires a straightforward resume. The owner of the machine shop wants to see your managerial history and your industry certifications first before he reads anything else. The vice president of sales is more interested in reading your approach to management first, and then your industry qualifications. 

2. Show a progression to a management position.

It’s common for candidates looking for a management position to leave out their non-managerial experience on their resumes. This is a huge mistake for several reasons. Your non-managerial experience shows the employer the kind of foundation you have in your industry. If you suddenly appear as a manager on your resume, then the hiring manager is going to have no feel for the real content of your knowledge base.

When your resume shows your progression from entry level to management, it gives the hiring manager a good idea of what kind of industry and non-industry experience you have. It shows how hard you’ve worked to get where you are and how long it took you to work your way up. This is all critical information when you’re applying for a managerial position.

 3. Be sure to highlight activities outside of the office.

Your many years as a scout leader for your son’s Boy Scout troop actually mean a great deal to a company looking to hire a manager. It’s always good to have a broad scope of leadership roles you’ve played throughout your life that don’t involve the responsibilities of the office.

Highlight everything from your involvement in your volunteer group to any affiliations you have with professional organizations. A multifaceted person always makes a more tempting managerial candidate to any potential employer.

4. Make a detailed list of your industry accolades and publications.

You may not have a detailed list of industry accolades and instances where you’ve been published in a trade magazine, but it honestly helps if you do. When an employer decides to hire a managerial candidate from outside the company, it’s a move that needs to be sold to the current staff for it to be successful. The more credentials you have, the easier it is to sell your hiring to your new staff.

With the evolution of the internet, it’s not difficult to write an essay on managing in your industry and have it published on a website. If you look hard enough, you’ll find plenty of courses you can take and activities you can engage in that will bring you the kind of positive notoriety that companies are looking for. 

Develop Your Managerial Career with a Great Resume

LiveCareer offers plenty of resume examples you can look through to give you an idea of how a good managerial resume should look. You can also use the resume builder and resume checker to create a resume that will get you hired at a managerial level. Let your qualifications speak for themselves as you develop a winning manager resume. 


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