Older Job Seekers Advised to Be Selective With Resumes

older job seekers

Job-seekers who have experience that spans a long career should be choosy about the amount of achievements they include on a resume.

That is the advice of Samantha Nolan, a certified professional resume writer, who writes in Cincinnati Enquirer that people should stick to relevant experience within the past ten to 15 years when applying for a new position.

Stretching back any further may lead a potential employer to wonder if a candidate is overqualified, too expensive to hire or too close to retirement, she warns.

You have to make sure including experience past that 15-year benchmark is actually adding value to your candidacy, Ms Nolan suggests.

She adds that if a person has relevant experience from several years ago that they feel is just too valuable to omit, it can be included in a section citing additional experience, without a date attached.

Finally, Ms Nolan says that it is prudent for older workers to emphasize that they have kept up with their professional development, which includes a mention of any training undergone.

The Department of Labor advises that another way job candidates can make sure employers focus on their strongest skills is by attaching a well-written cover letter, tailored to an employer's needs, to every application.

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