Top Ten CV Tips that Will Get You Noticed

Your CV is your introduction to your potential new employer. You only have a few pages to convey that you are the ideal applicant for this position and that you will fit in well to the company culture. To give your document that extra bump it needs to stand out in a hiring manager’s mind, make sure to incorporate these CV tips.

Tip #1: Never Lie

Even a small white lie can be disastrous if you get caught. While it might be tempting to say you are proficient in a type of software or are familiar with a foreign language, never say you have a skill you do not possess. You will only damage your reputation within that industry.

Tip #2: State Accomplishments Rather Than Tasks

Tasks are dry. Accomplishments show that you actually made an impact at your last place of work. Even if you simply answered the phone at your last position, you can state how many phone calls you answered on average every day. Specifics details often come in handy with CV writing.

Tip #3: Implement Bullet Points

Reading paragraph after paragraph can get tedious for a hiring manager after a while. You can break up large chunks of text by utilizing bullet points. These can be employed in multiple sections, including work history, skills and awards.

Tip #4: Use Unique Templates

You can find various templates to help you craft your CV. However, to stand out in a sea of other applicants, it might be best to go outside the box. Format your CV in a professional manner, but have fun with little flourishes when you can.

Tip #5: Focus on a Couple Key Traits

A disorganized CV is going to make it tough for a hiring manager to figure out what you bring to the table. Leave out skills and responsibilities that are not going to be relevant to this job you are applying for. If you focus on key aspects of the new position and how you can fulfill them, you are going to stand out more significantly.

Tip #6: State Information in Reverse Chronological Order

The first information a hiring manager should see on your CV is where you are in your career now. Begin with your current occupation and any awards you have recently received and work your way backwards from there. The reader should be impressed at how far you have come.

Tip #7: List Useful Hobbies

While most CV tips are related to employment history, this applies to one of the more unique sections of a curriculum vitae. Many applicants feel like they can better convey their personality through their hobbies. While there is nothing wrong with having a hobbies section, you should select interests that entail talents useful to the job you want to get. For example, being involved in intramural sports shows you can work within a team dynamic.

Tip #8: Leave Out Older Information

There is no reason to include information from back when you were in high school. If you are a bit older, you do not have to list jobs you held 15 years ago. If you do opt to include any information from over a decade ago, keep it brief. You do not want to dedicate a lot of space to out-of-date material.

Tip #9: Give References If Asked

On a CV, it is generally acceptable to list references directly on the document if they were asked for. Have at least three but no more than five. If you have the space, give a brief testimonial for what each reference has to say about you.

Tip #10: Proofread

One typo may not kill your chances of getting a job. However, ensuring everything is spelled correctly will show that you have a keen eye for detail.

Follow These CV Tips

10 CV tips might seem like a lot, but all these are fairly intuitive. You should have no problem implementing them into the latest draft of your CV to make that document shine.


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