How to Write Your CV Work Experience Section

One of the most important parts of an effective CV is the work experience section. If you want your CV to get a hiring manager’s attention, you’ll need to make this part of your application compelling and relevant to the job you’re seeking. Your CV work experience section should be a detailed glimpse of your professional history and accomplishments. Here are some additional ways you can make this section of your CV shine.

Focus on Your Professional Career

The main focal point of your CV work experience section should be on positions held during your professional career. You can include details about jobs you have held for the last 10 years or so. Give information about any pertinent full-time positions, part-time jobs, independent contracting work or internships you have completed. Avoid discussing other experiences, such as educational pursuits, volunteer work or training classes.

Create Your CV Work Experience Section

When it’s time to sit down and write this important part of your CV, start by formatting it in an optimal way for easy readability. List your professional experiences using reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent. Here are some other helpful tips you can use as you create this part of your CV.

  • Organization – Begin each entry in your listing of jobs with your position title, the name of your employer, the location of the company and the time period of your employment.
  • Details – Include a list of bullet points that give an overview of specific responsibilities and duties you typically completed and emphasize impressive achievements to showcase your past success.
  • Word Choice – Use strong, clear action verbs to start each duty, responsibility or accomplishment in all of your job entries to help the reader visualize your contributions.
  • Verb Tense – Write in present tense if you are discussing a current job, and use past tense for your previous experiences for the most consistency.
  • Variety – Choose unique verbs or synonyms for common actions for each new detail about your individual work experiences instead of repeating the same words.
  • Length – Give enough details to help a hiring manager understand how qualified you are, but keep in mind that a CV in total should not be longer than one or two pages.

Give Plenty of Measurable Specifics

Hiring managers may also be looking for quantifiable metrics in your CV work experience. This means that within your listing of job details, you should include measurable specifics, such as numbers, results, timeframes and other quantifications. This type of information helps a hiring manager get a clearer idea about how talented and effective you are. If you held a supervisory position, talk about the number of people who reported to you. For those who have made a significant improvement in their department, give details about percentages and results. If you reached a goal at your company, write about the exact quantity that you achieved. Additionally, discuss the frequency of various tasks, such as daily, weekly or monthly.

Target Your Experience to the Job You Want

Your CV work experience section can also benefit from being written for a specific industry or position in mind. Avoid writing a generic overview of all of your professional accomplishments. Instead, learn more about the job that you’re trying to secure by reading the job posting carefully. Pay special attention to what the employer is looking for in a candidate in regards to experience. Address these specifics in your own work experience to demonstrate how perfect you are for the job in question. Adjust your work history to reflect the individual skills that the employer may be looking for by focusing on relevant experience only.

Next Steps

Your CV’s work history is a vital piece in helping you get the job that you want. If you follow these steps and tips for writing an effective work experience section, your CV could impress your next employer and have you accepting an attractive job offer. See more examples of best practices for an effective CV by using o top-quality CV examples and advice.

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