How to Write Your CV Objective

An objective statement is a traditional element of any resume, and some job seekers choose to include a purpose statement in their CV or as part of the accompanying cover letter. These few lines serve both as an introduction and a first impression, so putting some thought and time into writing your CV objective is always a good idea. Use the following tips to help you write a standout purpose statement that will set you apart from the competition and leave a lasting impression on your readers.

Consider Your Audience

While many longer, academic-focused CVs are a static document, the objective statement can be tailored to the recipient. You may apply for a wide variety of positions or be looking to switch industries, and a personalized objective statement lets your reader know you have put time and effort into seeking this exact position. The objective statement is also a great way to show you understand and possess the key qualities a recruiter is looking for.

Tailor Your Language

The secret to a great CV objective is to choose each word carefully. Because you only have a few sentences to highlight why you are seeking this particular job, you should aim to include language specific to the position. You should also use this section to emphasize your greatest strengths and describe the type of position you believe you will excel at.

Focus on Clarity

Your objective statement is not the place for poetry or lofty theoretical statements. Each sentence should be crystal clear and give the reader a distinct idea of the type of worker you are and the strengths you would bring to the position. This is your chance to highlight how your strong points match perfectly with the job you are applying for, so be sure to make that your main aim.

Keep Your CV Objective Succinct

Although a CV is traditionally longer than a resume, the objective statement should be succinct. One short paragraph made up of two or three sentences is plenty of space to include all the essential details. This small segment can pack a powerful punch and should aim to set you apart in only a few sentences. Consider brainstorming a list of 10 adjectives that describe your best qualities as a worker and then also coming up with a list of 10 words that describe your ideal job. Use some of these descriptive words or phrases to begin writing a few lines describing your qualities and aspirations. Don’t worry if you come up with more information than you can possibly include. Choose some of your best points to incorporate into the CV objective paragraph and then work in the other ideas later in the document.

Go for Consistency

Consistency in both tone and form is important for making this section blend well with the rest of your document. If your CV highlights years of professional experience, then you should adopt the tone of an expert when crafting your purpose statement. If you are finishing a graduate degree and looking to enter your field professionally, an energetic or deferential attitude would certainly be appropriate. Use complete sentences throughout the objective statement and be sure that any formatting you apply to it matches the ensuing text.

Enlist a Proofreader

Your entire CV should be read, reread and proofread many times before you ever send it off to a recruiter. Although you may be tempted to throw together a few sentences for an objective statement just before submitting it, be sure to have at least one other pair of eyes glance over your writing prior to making it public. It can be easy to miss an obvious mistake in your own work, especially if you have looked over it multiple times. Have a friend or trusted colleague give your purpose section a thorough check to ensure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes and to see if your words have accurately described your best abilities.


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