3 Top Trends to Include in Your CV

A key element to any successful job search is familiarizing oneself with current industry trends. This is especially important if this is your first job hunt in a long time because it is likely that things have changed since you last sent out your CV. You do not want potential employers to think that you are out of touch with your field or careless about appearances. Follow these CV tips to learn more about creating a CV that presents your qualifications in an up-to-date way.

CV Tips for Emphasizing Results

Today’s employers want to see CVs that focus on end results. Many older CVs list items such as tasks or regular responsibilities in the work experience section. The new trend is to emphasize the ways in which doing these things helped your company. Employers want to know that you understand how even tasks that seem menial contribute to the ultimate growth and wellbeing of their business. When your CV highlights the things you did to improve your company’s bottom line, employers see that you are thinking in terms of results. This means that instead of simply stating that you inspected equipment, you should describe how your inspections improved safety, ensured uninterrupted operations and cut down on costs and disruption due to repairs.

Use Professional Social Media

Social media seems to be everywhere these days and work is not an exception. Businesses and institutions in virtually all sectors use professional networking and information sites in many aspects of their operations. If you want to be taken seriously, you need a professional social media profile on a general networking site such as LinkedIn or on your industry’s specialized networks.

Indicate your profile on your CV, and put in the effort to ensure that your profile projects a professional presence. This means having a current photo of yourself. While it does not have to be a top-quality studio picture, it should be of decent quality and fairly formal. Use your judgment and knowledge of industry standards when deciding on appropriate attire for your picture. Review the other contents of your profile, such as your online CV, to ensure that they are free of mistakes and consistent with the CV you are sending to prospective employers.

On the flip side, you do not want hiring managers looking at your party pictures on Facebook. In most traditional industries, most employers will not ask you for access to your personal profiles, so all you have to do is ensure that your privacy settings keep out anyone you do not specifically want viewing your page. If you know that a particular employer will want to see your non-work social media, you can decide whether you want to scrub it or shut it down altogether. Of course, you may know that there is nothing on your page that an employer would find objectionable, and you may not mind if they see it. Standards and expectations vary greatly among employers, so be sure to do your research and use common sense when it comes to social media involvement. Look for CV tips targeted at your field to learn more about how you can expect employers to handle social media issues.

Incorporate Crucial Keywords

Using keywords is another emerging top trend to be aware of when drafting your CV. As more and more employers look for new hires through online databases, they use keywords to filter out irrelevant or unqualified applications. Following all the best CV tips will not help if potential employers never get to see your CV in the first place. Know the typical prerequisites for the type of position you are seeking, and be sure to mention them on your CV to avoid having your application fall through the cracks. For instance, if you know that it is impossible to occupy the previous position you list on your CV without having a particular certification, do explicitly list the certification.

Keeping current on today’s CV trends is important if you want to impress potential employers. Use up-to-date CV advice and samples to improve your CV and get the job you want.


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