Create a Winning Document With our Staff Accountant Resume Template for Word

Step 1: Writing Your Summary Statement

Your summary statement is a unique way to present your resume. It provides recruiters with a picture of your abilities and skills and should make them want to read more. This is your opportunity to land an interview.

You should briefly explain in your summary statement why you are the best choice for the job. Use bullet points or paragraph form, and include keywords, phrases, and required skills relevant to the staff accountant position that the job description covers. It is essential to include the following:

• Job title and background experiences
• Two or three qualifications the employer lists
• Specific characteristics or qualities related to the opening

Here a few examples of well-written summary statements.

Summary Statement Example 1:

Staff accountant with extensive background in accounts receivables and payables, business financing, and fiscal operations. Demonstrates expertise in strategic planning and project management.

Summary Statement Example 2:

Staff accountant adept at business financing with over 10 years' working experience. Accurate and proficient in multitasking and ability to communicate effectively with managers and clients.

Summary Statement Example 3:

Staff accountant with 18 years of experience and comprehensive knowledge of financial audit procedures. Expertise includes evaluation, review, monitoring, and communicating financial data to clients.

Summary Statement Example 4:

• Staff accountant with over 15 years of industry-proven expertise
• Extensive financial reporting and analysis background
• Proven expertise in analyzing and creating financial statements

Use the staff accountant resume template for Word to create an impressive summary.

Step 2: Writing Your Skills Section

The skills section is a list of your competencies designed to convince hiring managers that you are the right fit for the position. The staff accountant resume template for Word places this section at the top of the document where it can be identified quickly. Bullet points organize your talents and make them easy to locate. Here are a few more valuable suggestions:

• Link your expertise to the competency requirements of the role.
• Quantify your experiences by using metrics to measure your accomplishments.
• List six to eight skills that directly relate to the position description.

Here is a list of the top skills required for staff accountant positions that you should consider including:

• Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, including MS Excel and Word
• Ability to multitask and function effectively in a team environment to meet deadlines
• Detail-oriented with expert tax law understanding
• Familiar with capital account maintenance and partnership entities
• Solid verbal and written communication skills
• Creative and flexible approach to problem solving
• Excellent critical thinking and decision-making skills

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Step 3: Writing Your Work History Section

Your work history section is the primary content of your resume. It is where you highlight your background and accomplishments and support the case you presented in the summary and skills sections. To ensure your resume hits the mark, follow these guidelines when creating the work history section of the staff accountant resume template for Word:

• Include position title, company, location, and duration.
• Describe responsibilities using action verbs.
• Use metrics to enhance specific job descriptions.
• Incorporate keywords and phrases from job listing.
• List five to eight bullet points for each position description.

Take a look at these excellent examples for the staff accountant work history section:

• Maintained client accounts, including analysis and reconciliation of trial balance sheets for all entities with monthly and annual close-outs.
• Prepared recurring journal entries and allocations such as month-end accruals, prepaid adjustments, and unrecorded liabilities.
• Developed procedures that emphasized best practices solutions and resulted in a savings of over $175,000 the first year.
• Created and implemented a new payroll data input template that increased efficiency and productivity by 35 percent.

Step 4: Writing Your Education Section

Job postings typically list a training requirement or particular level of education. The education section in the staff accountant resume template for Word is specially designed to showcase your academic accomplishments in an easy to locate area. Here are a few beneficial tips:

• List the most recent item first, followed by the rest in chronological order.
• Leave off the GPA unless you are a recent graduate.
• Include relevant licenses, certifications, and training.

Here are some great examples of the education section of a staff accountant resume:

Example 1:

Master of Science, Accounting – 2014
University of Oregon – Eugene, OR
Courses included: Job costing, accounting management, and balance sheet preparation

Bachelor of Science, Finance – 2012
University of Washington – Seattle, WA
Courses included: Financial analysis, managing collections and team leadership

Licenses: Certified Public Accountant

Example 2:

Bachelor of Science, Accounting – 2014
University of Texas – Austin, TX
Courses included: Business communication, computer applications, and statistics
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