Get Your Foot in the Door With the Space-Saver Resume Template for Word

Step 1: Writing Your Summary Statement

The summary statement is like the front door of your resume. It’s the entry point, and the impression made there can stick. Fill in the space-saver resume template for Word’s summary statement section with a quick elevator pitch introducing yourself, summarizing your professional background, and, most importantly, explaining what it is you are looking for professionally. Be sure to mention two or three relevant skills, specific expertise and a title you think describes your profession overall.

Here are a few examples of strong summary statements:

Friendly office professional with 10 years of front desk experience seeking to obtain a receptionist or customer service position in a legal service setting.

Certified professional with proven leadership in Information Technology, Finance, and Sarbanes-Oxley looking for a staff accountant position in a tech sector environment.

Focused and detailed accounting professional with over 10 years of managing and reporting critical financial information seeking position supporting strategic financial and business decision makers in a Fortune 500 setting.

Step 2: Writing Your Skills Section

The skills section of the space-saver resume template for Word is where you have a chance to enumerate some of the practical abilities that make you the best choice for the job in question. A skills section should be easy to read and detailed but not cluttered. Using bullet points, list no more than 10 skills that are most pertinent to the position, leading with the most recent certifications you may have. Avoid vague skills like “computer use” in favor of more specific statements such as “Skilled in Microsoft Office Suite,” and make sure you only include things that make sense for the job.

Below, review a sample skills section for a financial analyst resume.

• Citirix certification (2014)

• QuickBooks certification (2010)

• Experienced with Windows 10

• Intermediate MySQL programming skills

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Step 3: Writing Your Work History Section

The work history section of the resume is the core of the entire document. It’s this area that can be the most influential in the entire resume, so it’s critical that the information here be strong and presented well. The space-saver resume template for Word gives you a strong foundation with a stylish, easy-to-customize section for highlighting your professional experience. Fill in the section with your most pertinent job titles and experiences, being sure to include action verbs, metrics and achievements to show off not only where you worked, but what you achieved while you were there.

• Be sure to detail big wins at previous jobs rather than simply rattling off responsibilities

• Use bullets to make achievements stand out

• Include only the most relevant positions - not part-time secondary jobs

Here are some great examples of work history sections for you to model.

Financial Analyst

• Managed North American real estate portfolio budgets, forecasts and annual activities

• Oversaw development and revision of operating budgets


• Operated main call switchboard and managed office communications, including answering phones and taking messages

• Managed office social media accounts, crafting welcoming online messages

Project Manager

• Managed mid-size company projects targeting successful implementation and launch

• Coordinated schedules of technical staff

Step 4: Writing Your Education Section

The proper educational credentials can often mean the difference between a perfect candidate for an interview and one who is bypassed. A good education section directly lists degrees and certifications achieved along with locations and dates of schooling. This can include traditional high school or college-level schooling as well as coursework and classes completed that reinforce your qualification for the job. The space-saver resume template for Word education section easily frames your academic achievements. Use the following example of a strong education section as inspiration to customize the template.

Executive MBA in Business Administration

Jack Welch Management Institute

December 2016

Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems

DeVry Keller Institute of Technology

May 2014

Extra Tips for Writing a Resume Using the Space Saver Resume Template for Word

Using Keywords in your Space Saver Resume Template for Word

A common method hiring managers use to determine who to interview is to look at which resumes incorporate the same types of words mentioned in a job description. These so-called keywords can give a hiring manager a better idea of who has the type of experience the company is looking for. Take some time to look at which keywords stand out in the description of the job you’re after. Then figure out ways to work them into the summary statement, skills and professional experience section of your resume.

In this job description for an administrative assistant position, the hiring company is looking for

• Strong data entry and typing skills

• Excellent organization skills with a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail

• Experience managing calendars and phone messages for multiple executives

• Experience using records management systems to maintain critical internal records and reports

Here is an example of a customized Administrative Assistant summary statement:

Passionate office professional with extensive records management systems experience looking for an administrative assistant position with opportunity to leverage and build upon existing talents including strong organization skills, top-notch data entry abilities and excellent call management.

Skills example:

• Dedicated and focused

• Able to manage multiple tasks to completion

• Independent self-starter with excellent organization skills

• Computer software: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word & AMS.

• Highly organized and detail-oriented

• Proven data entry skills

Using Action Verbs in Your Space Saver Resume Template for Word

Action words are just what they sound like - words that describe what a person did and achieved rather than just listing duties. These words are important because they drive home to a hiring manager how you can be a valuable asset to the company. Incorporate words like created, implemented, managed, innovated, spearheaded, negotiated, analyzed and overhauled to showcase your abilities as a dynamic employee. Below are a few examples of well-used action words.

Created new computer systems management standards

Implemented modern project assignment system

Managed call switchboard for 150-employee office

Overhauled employee timekeeping system to reduce overtime

Organized weekly team meetings

Led quarterly earnings calls

Crafted annual sales goals for team of 10

Trained and recruited new team of six sales staff

Analyzed monthly sales data

Negotiated vendor contracts to reduce office supply costs

Adding Metrics to Your Space Saver Resume Template for Word

Whatever the position for which you are applying, metrics can easily be incorporated to emphasize your value to previous employers. Metrics help by making your achievements quantifiable and are an easy and very attention-grabbing way to get hiring managers interested.

Here are a few good examples of using metrics to quantify past work experience:

• Revamped executive travel payment process, reducing cancellation fees 10% in a single quarter

• Audited monthly budget status reports and located spending redundancies amounting to over $200,000
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