Professional Resume Template for Word and Writing Tips

Step 1: Writing Your Summary Statement

When recruiters or employers look over your resume, your summary statement is one of the first things they look at. For this reason, it’s a good idea to use your summary statement as a way to catch a future employer’s attention. One way to do this is to mention specific skills and keywords that are included in the advertisement for the job.

In the professional resume template for Word, you can adjust your summary statement so that it is either in paragraph or bullet point form. No matter what style you choose, this statement should get straight to the point. Additionally, it should include this information:

• Two or three of your best skills

• Any accomplishments, traits, or skills that make you stand out

• A job title that represents your expertise

Here are three examples of effective summary statements.

List style:

• Receptionist with eight years of experience

• Experience with email, phone systems, and client accounts

• Detail-oriented with a significant ability to be efficient

Paragraph style:

Project manager with six years of experience in intense working environments. Tireless work ethic that ensures projects are done on time. Exceptional customer service skills and management of teams.

Maintenance technician with over a decade of experience doing large commercial jobs. Exceptional understanding of industry codes other applicable systems. Results-driven and motivated to do every job right the first time.

Step 2: Writing Your Skills Section

The skills section on your resume lets employers know what skills you bring to the table. By listing your relevant skills, this section lets employers know whether or not you are the right fit for the job. With a uniquely designed skills section, the professional resume template for Word makes showcasing your skills a simple process. Here are some guidelines to follow as you draft this section:

• Align your skills with the skills required of the position

• This is an ideal space to list key words and phrases that are related to your industry

• Your list should include at least 4 skills, but no more than 8

Here is an excellent list of skills for someone applying for a customer service representative position:

• Ability to communicate with others clearly

• Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite and similar software programs

• Can handle inquiries over the phone and via email

• Takes organization seriously

• Value being on time all the time Values punctuality

• Enjoys being a team leader

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Step 3: Writing Your Work History Section

The first two sections of your resume are designed to help employers get to know more about you. Now, your work history section is supposed to act as backup for the prior information, and to ultimately prove that you can do what you say you can. Your work history section is where you list your specific duties, responsibilities, and accomplishments. The professional resume template for Word can guide you as you put together this critical section of your resume. Here are a few tips to remember:

• Be as specific as possible about your prior positions

• Do not use passive voice - use action verbs whenever possible Use action verbs whenever possible. Avoid the passive voice.

• Avoid going into too much detail, but make sure to include keywords that show up in the posting Use metrics that quantify your work, and use key words and phrases from the job description where you canHere are some helpful examples to draw inspiration from.:

Account Manager

• Oversaw the complete operations of a clothing store Managed a total of 30 customer accounts, including account setup and maintenance and regular communication with client

• Checked in with the client to ensure satisfaction Managed client satisfaction by checking in with 15+ customers on a weekly basisAdministrative Assistant

• Oversaw the daily operations of a large office, including receiving clients, internal and external communications, and accounts receivable/payable

• Instituted new office-wide policies for communication within first 6 months of hire; led to a 15% increase in efficiency

Financial Analyst

• Analyzed the financial states of large businesses Advise business clients and provide data for investement decisions by analyzing financial information and forecasting economic conditions

• Employed strategies for greater business success Evaluate and compare financial reports to make recommendations to business clients on industry trends

Staff Accountant

• Managed account receivable accounts accounts receivable and payable; invoices; and maintained payment systems for vendors

• Worked with many accounting programs, Proficient in several accounting software programs, including QuickBooks, Zoho, FreshBooks, and Wave such as QuickBooks

Step 4: Writing Your Education Section

In many cases, you must have a certain level of education to qualify for a job. Due to this, it is essential that The education section of your resume should be easy to read and scan over, and the professional resume template for Word makes this possible. Here are a few tips to follow:

• Include all education you have Start with the most recent education you have and list your experience in reverse chronological order.

• Unless you are a recent graduate, do not it is not necessary to include your GPA.

• List your most recent education experience first Make sure to include any professional development coursework, internship experience, or training that you have.Here is an example education section:

Master of Arts in English – 2016

Oklahoma State University – Stillwater, Oklahoma

Awards: Department Student of the YearClasses Taken: Relevant Coursework: Modern Literature, Advanced Rhetoric, and Strategies for Instruction

Professional Teaching Certificate, State of Oklahoma – 2015

Extra Tips for Writing a Resume Using the Professional Resume Template for Word

Using Keywords in your Professional Resume Template for Word

If you want to get noticed by hiring managers, including keywords in all sections of your resume is an excellent strategy. As you read job descriptions, identify obvious keywords and make a list of them to refer to as you draft your resume. When you describe yourself in the first three sections of your resume, make sure to use these keywords exactly. Here is an example of some keywords to include in a resume for a customer service representative.


• Friendly and professional

• Detail- and task-oriented

• Manage teams and other people

• Proficient in Microsoft Office

The work history section, summary statement, and skills section of your resume should all match the job description’s requirements.

Summary statement example: Detail- and task-oriented customer service representative with 15 years of experience.

Skills example: Ability to effectively manage teams and other people.

Work history section example: Oversaw a team of 20 call center representatives in a friendly and professional manner.

Using Action Verbs in Your Professional Resume Template for Word

When you use action verbs, you allow hiring managers to fully understand what you did at previous jobs. Some good action verbs to use in your resume include organized, hired, created, managed, instituted, introduced, and identified.

• Organized an office filing system for greater efficiency

• Hired new employees that would be a good fit for the team

• Created new programs to motivate team members

• Managed several large financial accounts

• Instituted practices that inspired greater employee communication

• Introduced Trained team members technology on software programs applicable to their positions

• Identified areas for financial improvement in small businesses

• Oversaw a department of employees who were responsible for client accounts

• Designed a branding initiative for multiple accounts

• Launched a new strategy for greater overall business success

Adding Metrics to Your Professional Resume Template for Word

Adding metrics to your resume is an important part of showing hiring managers how you have grown and improved over the years. Not only does adding metrics give your resume greater credibility, but it also identifies your specific accomplishments. Here are a few ways you can include metrics in your resume:

• Oversaw over 40 important client accounts

• Made sure department was 25% under budget Reduced department budget by 25%

• Hired a new team of 10 salespeople and trained them Participated in the hiring process to hire 10 new salespeople, and assisted in onboarding new team members.
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