Create a Winning Document With Our Outside Sales Representative Resume Template for Word

Step 1: Writing Your Summary Statement

The summary statement is often the first thing the hiring manager will see when looking over your resume. This is why you want it to grab the reader’s attention right away, and for the right reasons. Your summary provides some of the most important information in your resume, which can show off your qualifications for the job. Use either phrases or bullet points to convey the information. When you fill out your outside sales representative resume template for Word, be sure to include a strong summary. You will want it to take into account the following important information:

• Job title and years of experience
• Important personality traits for the position
• Your specific focus area

The following sample summary statements can help you write your own:

Outside sales representative with over 10 years of experience in pharmaceuticals. Thorough knowledge of products and a pleasantly persuasive personality.

Highly qualified individual with five years of inside sales experience before transitioning to outside sales. Genuine belief in the importance of insurance and willing to go the extra mile to explain this importance to potential clients.

Outside sales representative:

• Over 10 years’ experience
• Fluent in five languages for international sales
• Extremely professional demeanor

Outside sales representative with five years of experience working abroad in the field. Able to work with a wide variety of individuals and adjust interactions accordingly.

Step 2: Writing Your Skills Section

The skills section is the place to demonstrate what knowledge and characteristics set you apart from the other applicants. The best skills are measurable and align with those most often attributed to the job for which you’re applying. When you draft your resume using our outside sales representative resume template for Word, the skills section will be readily available for you to fill in with the most pertinent information. The following are some guidelines to keep in mind:

• Avoid bland skills such as “diligent worker,” which don’t demonstrate your unique strengths
• Include six to eight skills, listing the most important skills first
• Include one or two skills that go above the bare minimum needed for the job

The following is a list of skills often desired by hiring managers for outside sales representatives:

• Excellent organizational and time management skills
• Highly self-motivated
• Strong problem solver
• Approachable personality and trustworthy demeanor
• Strong presentation skills
• Professional attitude
• Aware of industry marketing trends

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Step 3: Writing Your Work History Section

Your work history section is the area where you get to back up all your claims. You are able to provide detailed information about your previous and present employment, especially the jobs that relate to the one for which you are applying. To best use the outside sales representative resume template for Word, follow these guidelines:

• Provide measurable details, such as an increased sales percentage
• If you currently hold two positions, list your newest position first
• Use action verbs to describe your job duties and responsibilities
• Avoid including information that is more than 15 to 20 years old

The following examples demonstrate the types of details to include in your outside sales representative work history section:

• Increased the yearly sales quota by 25%
• Secured long-term business with Fortune 500 company
• Drafted detailed projections for department heads
• Trained incoming outside sales representatives

Your own list should include five to eight bullets for each position, with the most important information at the top.

Step 4: Writing Your Education Section

Your educational background often plays a strong role in whether you get called in for an interview. It is also a section that is often formatted poorly. In order to increase your chances of securing the job, be sure to provide the correct information when using the outside sales representative resume template for Word. Some useful tips for this section are as follows:

• If you are still enrolled in your educational program, write “expected graduation date” followed by the date you plan to graduate
• Include the location of your school
• Put your most recent educational information first for formal degrees

Below are some helpful examples for the education section of an outside sales representative resume:

Example 1:

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry – 2014
Band College - Eventful, CO

Example 2:

Bachelor of Arts in Business – 2013
City University – Sycamore, MA
Courses included: International business practices, public speaking

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