The Modern Resume Template for Word Is Perfect for the Changing Times

Step 1: Writing Your Summary Statement

Time is limited for your potential employers. Your summary statement must be concise and a fast read. Your objective with this statement is to arouse curiosity and use your qualifications to hit the point home. The language you use is important, and it is beneficial to take advantage of the terminology included in the job description of the position for which you are applying.

The modern resume template for Word allows you the chance to customize the appearance of your summary. Always write in the first person but avoid using pronouns as it is now widely accepted as a stylistic faux pas. Your summary statement should

• List the title of your previous or current position and experience

• Two or three skills related to the job posting

• Personality traits relevant to the position

Here are a few examples of compelling summary statements:

Paragraph style:

Maintenance technician with 10 years of experience in mechanical repairs. Exceptional critical thinking skills, profound knowledge of safety standards, and properly certified. Committed to providing reliable and thorough service.

Business analyst with 17 years of experience synthesizing business intelligence in corporate environments. Punctual and thorough with time management. Close connections to a number of professional organizations and awareness of industry trends.

List style:

• Staff accountant with 30 years’ experience

• Active learner with background in corporate finance

• Experience with a wide range of software platforms

Step 2: Writing Your Skills Section

Once you have grabbed the attention of your potential employer you want to flesh out the details. The modern resume template for Word positions the skills section at the beginning so you have the chance to point out your skills that are relevant to the position from the start. Some points to keep in mind when writing this section are

• Avoid listing skills that stray from the job description

• Include at least six skills but do not exceed eight

• Put the most appropriate skills first

Here is an example of a skills section for a project manager:

• Motivational and inclusive team-builder

• Strong orator and proficient writer

• Active listener and critical thinker

• Natural leader

• Reasonable and logical in approach

• Calm and inspiring in a crisis

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Step 3: Writing Your Work History Section

After you have listed all of your abilities, your employer is going to want evidence. Your work history section helps provide proof of the claims made in your summary and skill sections. To keep this section focused, you want to be sure to list all responsibilities and accomplishments associated with a job in bullet points. Create a visually appealing and orderly explanation of your previous positions with ease by using the modern resume template for Word. Here are some additional tips to help you while creating this section:

• Begin with your most recent position and then work backwards chronologically

• Use bullet points instead of paragraph form

• Be as specific as possible with your promotions, accomplishments, etc.

Here are helpful examples of organized work history sections:

Maintenance Technician

• Supervised a large team and successfully completed projects on time and under budget

• Spearheaded safety campaign which resulted in improved on-site conditions

Business Analyst

• Developed innovative and profitable communication procedures

• Integrated previous intelligence data into current software to track changes over larger period

Financial Analyst

• Predicted key investments based on market trends

• Assessed risks and prevented client from losing $3.4 million on bad investment

Sales Representative

• Formed strong interpersonal relationships with both clients and distributors

• Motivated staff with incentives and saw a 10% increase in sales for the quarter

Step 4: Writing Your Education Section

Whether or not you land a job often comes down to the level of education you have completed. This means you are going to want to keep your education section easy to scan for pertinent information. The modern resume template for Word helps you to highlight the right points in an organized way that potential employers will notice. Here are a few points to keep in mind for this section:

• As with the experience section, list the most recent entry first

• Include any relevant internships, coursework, or campus activities

• Date of graduation is not mandatory information to include

Here is an example of an excellent education section:

Master of Business Administration – 2010

Temple University – Philadelphia, PA

Awards: Cum Laude

Courses included: Modern Leadership Techniques, International Business Relationships

Bachelor of Science: Economics – 2008

Rutgers University – New Brunswick, NJ

Courses included: Alternative Economics, Statistical Analysis

Extra Tips for Writing a Resume Using the Modern Resume Template for Word

Using Keywords in your Modern Resume Template for Word

In order to prove that you have the skills required for a job, you need to include the right vocabulary in your resume. Read the job description and do additional research if needed to learn the correct key phrases. Conveying your knowledge on the position through your language will help to catch the attention of recruiters and hiring managers. Here are example keywords for a receptionist position:

• Prioritizing

• Organization

• Interpersonal

• Problem-solving

You should customize your summary statement, skills and work history to match the job description requirements.

Summary statement example:

Receptionist with 5 years’ experience cultivating interpersonal relationships with staff and clients alike.

Skills example:

Exceptional knack for prioritizing

Work history section example:

Penchant for problem solving on the fly led to many successful interactions with clients

Using Action Verbs in Your Modern Resume Template for Word

The keywords are not the only language to keep in mind while crafting your resume. To imbue your information with a sense of urgency and excitement, you want to use action verbs. Some helpful examples of action verbs to use are cultivated, spearheaded, landed, launched, organized, executed, and managed.

• Launched a campaign that resulted in 5% increase in customers

• Oversaw multiple projects at once

• Landed key account during a difficult merger

• Organized a plan to increase revenue

• Launched three new products that saw unprecedented success

• Cultivated bonds with several distributors and received significant discounts

• Executed a plan for cutbacks that did not involve losing any staff

• Managed an effective team of 20 people over the period of five years

• Spearheaded movement to fix outdated records in system

• Oversaw operations of entire department while department head was on leave

Adding Metrics to Your Modern Resume Template for Word

Being able to quantify your experience is incredibly beneficial on a resume. When you add metrics, you are giving a tangible example of your previous successes to potential employers. To successfully include metrics on your resume, here are a few basic examples:

• Managed a team responsible for 40% of annual sales

• Able to conduct business in seven languages

• Caught an error that improved server efficiency by 5%
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